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Audio, Broadcast, Video & Imaging / New Products & Samples

Audio, Broadcast, Video & Imaging

TDK µPOL Embedded Point-Of-Load DC-DC Converters offer unrivalled power density and ease of use, samples and evaluation boards available from Anglia

TDK have released the FS series of µPOL DC-DC converters, the industry's most compact and highest power density point-of-load solutions for demanding applications such as big data, machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), 5G cells, IoT...

Ultra-wide band flexible antenna from Taoglas is the first in the industry to cover 5G and Wi-Fi 6 applications, samples available from Anglia

Taoglas have released the ultra-wideband Pylon FXUB85 flexible PCB antenna designed for the next generation of connectivity, the antenna provides best-in-class performance for all 5G sub 6 GHz (FR1) and Wi-Fi 6 applications.

Introducing the STMicroelectronics LED1202 12-Channel low quiescent current LED driver samples and evaluation boards available from Anglia

The LED1202 from STMicroelectronics is a programmable 12-channel low quiescent current LED driver. The device guarantees 5 V output driving capability and has 12 low-side current generators allowing each channel to provide up to 20 mA output current

OMRON's Transparent Bash Button offers unrivalled robustness for public kiosks and industrial machines, samples available from Anglia

The OMRON W7BB-X01 transparent button, designated the "bash button" due to the way it is designed for use, is a robust mechanical button.

British-made sealed LED panel indicators from MARL International are ideal for harsh environments, samples available from Anglia

MARL 677 Series, boasts more than 25 years as an industry standard LED panel indicator lamp known for being a robust, resilient, high-performance product used in some of the most challenging conditions on land, sea, and in the air.

Introducing Murata common mode noise filters, for high-speed USB & HDMI differential interfaces. Samples available from Anglia.

Murata have introduced the NFG0QHB series of common mode noise filters, designed for high-speed differential interfaces such as those used on USB and HDMI interfaces.

Phoenix Contact celebrate 50 years of COMBICON the world's largest range of PCB connection technology, samples available from Anglia

For half a century, COMBICON PCB terminal blocks and PCB connectors from Phoenix Contact have been ahead of their time. Making the best technology even better is Phoenix Contact's passion.

Award winning IsoMOV Protectors from Bourns offer high reliability and long life - samples available from Anglia

Bourns have launched a ground-breaking line-up of IsoMOV hybrid protection components. These devices combine the best features of the breakthrough surge performance EdgMOV technology with an integrated Gas Discharge Tube (GDT) isolation structure

Introducing the HIROSE FX18 Series, 0.8mm Pitch, 10+ Gbps High-Speed, Board-to-Board connectors with Multi-Functional Contacts, samples available from Anglia

HIROSE the world-class manufacturer of connectors, introduced the FX18 series to meet the requirement for connectors that are suitable for high speed applications. The FX18 series delivers an impressive 10+ Gbps of high speed transmission.

Introducing Murata Ultra-broadband surface mount 3D Silicon capacitors for frequencies up to 100GHz, samples available from Anglia

The XBSC / UBSC / BBSC / ULSC series of Silicon capacitors from Murata are designed for DC blocking, coupling and bypass grounding applications in optical communication systems and high speed data systems or products.

HIROSE release Compact, Low Noise, Shielded Coaxial Connector, samples available from Anglia

Combining its small-size and space-saving design, the GT43 series connectors reduce the mounting area needed in any design. In addition to this feature, these are low noise connectors complying with the requirements of the CISPR25 radiated emission test

HIROSE introduce the ix Industrial Series, Robust, Compact and High-Speed I/O Connectors, samples available from Anglia

HIROSE has developed the robust ix Industrial series of connectors for space-constrained industrial applications that need to support high-speed signal transmission up to 10 Gbps.

Space-saving Micro Coaxial Connector from HIROSE supports 12G-SDI signal applications, samples available from Anglia

The D.FL75 series are compact connectors with a PCB mounting space of 4 mm x 4 mm (L X W) and mated height of 2.7 mm (2.9 mm max.), providing plenty of room for design flexibility.

Introducing the NFM series of SMD 3-Terminal Low ESL Capacitors from Murata, samples available from Anglia

The NFM series of 3-terminal low ESL capacitors from Murata are designed for use in circuits to suppress differential mode EMI noise on semiconductor power lines.

BNX Series EMI Suppression Filters from Murata are ideal for Industrial and Healthcare equipment, samples available from Anglia

The BNX series of surface mount, LC combined-type EMI suppression filters from Murata are ideal for automotive, industrial electronic equipment, and healthcare markets.

Anglia offer Technical Support Service via Anglia Live

Anglia offer customers access to a wide range of design and technical support services from our well-trained in-house product specialists and industry leading field application engineers, we augment this with support direct from product experts.

Introducing the SPA series of high speed, multi-channel, data line protection devices from Littelfuse, samples available from Anglia

Littelfuse offer a comprehensive range of circuit protection devices not only for primary and secondary protection of power supplies but also for the sensitive I/O's found on many modern devices including USB 3.0 and HDMI ports

Introducing the Innovative MOV and GDT Hybrid Overvoltage Protection Devices from Bourns, samples available from Anglia

Bourns breakthrough GMOV component combines a Metal Oxide Varistor (MOV) and a Gas Discharge Tube (GDT) with their patented space-saving FLAT technology. This new hybrid product provides a compact form factor that is a drop-in replacement

STMicroelectronics introduce ultra-compact, low-power, omnidirectional, digital MEMS microphone, evaluation board and samples available from Anglia

The MP23DB02MM from STMicroelectronics is an ultra-compact, low-power, omnidirectional, digital MEMS microphone built with a capacitive sensing element and an IC interface with optional stereo configuration.

Discrete Chip LAN transformers and Common Mode Inductors from Bourns support latest Ethernet standards, samples available from Anglia

Bourns boast more than 50 years of Magnetic components experience, they offer a broad, proven and continually expanding portfolio of standard and semi-custom products as well as extensive capabilities for the development of fully customized components.

STMicroelectronics Boosts IoT Design Productivity with First Ultra-Compact STM32 Wireless Microcontroller Module, evaluation board available from Anglia

STMicroelectronics have launched the STM32WB5MMG an ultra-low-power and small form factor certified 2.4GHz wireless module that supports Bluetooth® Low Energy 5.0, Zigbee® 3.0, OpenThread, dynamic and static concurrent modes

Introducing the HIROSE DF57H Series, 1.2mm Pitch, Wire-to-Board Connector for Power Supplies, samples available from Anglia

HIROSE, a world-class manufacturer in connectors has launched the new DF57H range of headers, sockets and crimp contacts to meet with the requirement for smaller yet better performing connectors.

STMicroelectronics introduces compact 60V DC/DC converters with extra flexibility, evaluation boards available from Anglia

The STMicroelectronics L7983 is a compact, 3.5V-60V, 300mA synchronous DC/DC buck converter with flexible, dynamic-mode selection to satisfy noise-sensitive applications and maximize efficiency at light load.

Anglia expand HIROSE inventory profile and now offer no minimum order quantity

Anglia has significantly expanded its inventory profile investment on HIROSE products, in addition we have taken the decision to offer parts with no minimum order quantity in order to further support the vibrant UK design community and SME manufacturers

Introducing the LED1202 12-Channel Low Quiescent Current LED Driver from STMicroelectronics, evaluation kit and samples available from Anglia

STMicroelectronics have introduced the LED1202 a 12-channel low quiescent current LED driver, the device guarantees 5V output driving capability with each channel able to provide up to 20mA with a headroom voltage of 350 mV (typ.) only

Analog Devices µModule regulator combines high power and energy efficient performance, evaluation board and samples available from Anglia

Analog Devices has expanded its suite of Power by Linear µModule regulators with the introduction of the LTM4700 step-down DC/DC power regulator

Analog Devices introduce Compact 5V, 10A Synchronous Silent Switcher® 2 Buck Regulator which Reduces Heat, EMI & Footprint in High Power Density Applications, samples available from Anglia

Analog Devices has released the Power by Linear LTC3310S monolithic synchronous buck converter. The device's fixed frequency peak current mode architecture is ideal for high step-down ratio applications that demand fast transient response.

Compact Efficient Wireless Li-Ion Charger with Regulator from Analog Devices Optimized for Low Power Wearables, demo kit and samples available from Anglia

The Power by Linear LTC4126 from Analog Devices expands their offerings in wireless battery charging, the LTC4126 combines a wireless powered battery charger for Li-Ion cells with a high efficiency multi-mode charge pump DC/DC converter.

Introducing Panasonics comprehensive range of Polymer Capacitors for demanding applications, samples available from Anglia.

Panasonic a wide range of Polymer capacitors available in the industry. Polymer capacitors have excellent frequency characteristics due to their ultra-low ESR (Equivalent Series Resistance) values.

Introducing the FH26W Series of Space Saving FPC Connectors from HIROSE, samples available from Anglia

HIROSE, a world-class manufacturer in connectors, has introduced the FH26W series of Flat Printed Circuit (FPC) connectors. These space saving connectors are designed to meet the requirements of miniaturised and portable electronic devices.

TouchGFX from STMicroelectronics accelerates design of HMI graphic user interface. Software, samples and evaluation boards available from Anglia

TouchGFX from STMicroelectronics is an advanced free-of-charge graphic software framework optimized for STM32 microcontrollers. Taking advantage of STM32 graphic features and architecture, TouchGFX accelerates the HMI-of-things revolution

Extensive range of Bulgin Rocker Switches now stocked at Anglia

Bulgins high quality rocker switches (previously Arcolectric) includes a huge range of single pole and double pole options available in various sizes, colours, terminations, actuator types and ratings up to 16A, 250Vac.

Introducing the HIROSE DF40GL Series, 0.4mm Pitch, 1.5mm Height, Shielded FPC to Board Connector, samples available from Anglia

HIROSE the world-class manufacturer in connectors, has introduced the DF40GL series, a high-speed transmission, shielded flexible printed-circuit (FPC) to board connector.

Introducing the BLM18SN series of Chip ferrite beads with rated current of 8A

The rated current is an important consideration when choosing chip ferrite beads for use in power supplies. The new 0603-size (1.6mm X 0.8mm) BLM18SN series from Murata adds products rated at 8A to the line-up.

Schurter introduce Type F ganged IEC appliance outlets, samples available from Anglia.

SCHURTER has introduced the 4751 series of ganged IEC block style outlets, this series provides an efficient solution for power distribution and uninterruptible power supply equipment.

Introducing the LTC3372 Low IQ Buck Controller Plus 4-Channel 8A Configurable Buck DC/DCs from Analog Devices

Analog Devices has released the Power by Linear LTC3372, a highly integrated power management solution for systems that require multiple low voltage outputs generated from an input voltage as high as 60V.

Introducing the TRJ series of cost effective RJ sockets with integrated magnetics from Taicom

The Taicom RJ sockets with integrated magnetics offer excellent performance throughout the entire series and include a wide range of port configurations to suit all types of customer applications.

Anglia introduces the HR25A Series, Miniature, High-Density, Durable Circular Connector with Push-pull Lock from HIROSE

HIROSE Electric Co. Ltd, a world-class manufacturer in connectors has sustained the high industry requirements, with its miniature push-pull, small size, high-density circular connector the HR25A series.

Introducing the FX30B Series Board-to-Board Power Connector with Misalignment Absorption Structure from HIROSE

The FX30B series from HIROSE has been introduced to meet the requirement for board-to-board connectors with high current capacity and the ability to absorb mating tolerances where multiple connectors are used.

Hirose FH58 Series, 0.2mm/0.25mm Pitch FPC Connector with Top and Bottom Contact

Hirose has introduced the FH58 series range of compact Flat Printed Circuit (FPC) connectors for small portable electronic devices that require high-speed transmission.

STMicroelectronics Boosts Access to High-Performance Embedded Design with New STM32F7 MCU Lines and Ecosystem Extensions

STMicroelectronics has introduced new STM32F7 microcontroller lines and added accessories and options to the development ecosystem, easing access to high-performance embedded design based on the ARM® Cortex® -M7 core.

Hirose FH53 series 0.2mm pitch FPC connectors

Hirose has introduced the FH53 series, a range of Flat Printed Circuit (FPC) connectors for small portable electronic devices that require high-speed transmission. The connector series offers excellent impedance characteristics, and delivers high-density

Low-Cost DSP Development Platforms from Analog Devices Accelerate Time to Market for Image Sensing Applications

Analog Devices have introduced a low-cost Blackfin processor-based development platform targeting demanding ultra-low-power, real-time applications for image sensing.

KOE TFT displays enable dynamic customisation and enhanced interactive features

KOE is targeting leisure and entertainment applications including pay per play casino gaming machines with a range of high performance, wide aspect ratio TFT display modules.

Introducing the ROM-7420 RISC-based Qseven module from Advantech

The ROM-7420 RISC-based Qseven module from Advantech, powered by an ARM® Cortex-A9 i.MX6 Dual core 1GHz high performance processor the module is capable of delivering multimedia on a low-power platform.

KOE's TFT display trio exhibit wide viewing angles

KOE Europe have announced the introduction of three new TFT display modules featuring KOE's UWVA (ultra-wide viewing angle) technology.

Broadening KOE Rugged+ range grows with 9.0

Industrial LCD manufacturer KOE has announced the introduction of a new 9.0-inch Rugged+ TFT display. The TX23D201VM0BAA display features IPS-Pro (in-plane switching), WVGA (800 x 480 pixels) resolution and a 15:9 wide aspect ratio.

Versatile mid-size TFT from KOE has high performance specifications

Industrial LCD manufacturer KOE Europe has announced the introduction of a new 6.5-inch Rugged+ TFT display. The TX17D200VM0BAA features IPS (in-plane-switching) technology which provides exceptional optical performance, a 16:9 wide aspect ratio.

Advantech ARK-1122 Embedded Box PC brings full Windows computing power into spots and locations where nothing else will fit

Despite its tiny size, the ARK-1122 is a full-function PC. It runs Windows Embedded Standard 7 (or Windows 7 Pro) on a 1.86GHz Intel Atom N2800 dual-core processor, providing performance that was only available through Intel's high-end mobile processors.

KOE Europe announces the introduction of a new 8.0-inch WVGA (800 x 480 pixels) Lite+ TFT display

The TX20D34VM2BAB is the latest addition to KOE's Lite+ range of cost effective display solutions, which has a specified brightness of up to 1000cd/m², a contrast ratio of 600:1 and features a 20-pin LVDS data interface.
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