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Accelerating innovative electronic technology products

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Encouraging innovative thinking with a tailored service

Anglia Unicorn is an independent design engineering focused component distributor with a made-to-measure service.

We are a division of Anglia geared to helping you access the resources and technologies needed to take a great idea from the drawing board to a finished, marketable product.

We offer comprehensive engineering support, coupled with extensive supply chain expertise and access to innovative new technologies from our world class suppliers. Our company ethos is to provide a bespoke service that enables customers to be at the forefront of the latest technology trends. We can help you to not just push, but totally redefine boundaries.

Why choose us?

Full Design confidence

Access to our independent design network

Engineering resources

Under a framework non-disclosure agreement, we can enable quick completion of the feasibility study phase and accelerate time to market.

Access to our carefully selected independent design consultants who are part of Anglia's Design Partner program.

Advice from well-trained product specialists, and 'at the bench' guidance.

World class suppliers

Free hardware and software tools

Support from design to manufacturing

Latest innovative technologies available from our partner suppliers with UK Inventory.

Access to many thousands of evaluation boards, kits and components each year completely free of charge.

From the design chain to the supply chain, we can meet all your needs through every stage of the product lifecycle.

We give you access to a highly trained team of specialists from the electronics industry

Whether you are a start-up, entrepreneur, technology investor or an established company looking to design and launch a new product, Anglia Unicorn is tailored to provide you with access to engineering resource, supply chain knowledge, evaluation hardware and software tools along with samples of the latest innovative technologies available from our partner suppliers, all free of charge. Our experienced engineers are able to provide guidance, and help verify your design implementation, taking you through to manufacturing.

'Our company ethos is to provide a bespoke service enabling customers to be at the forefront of the latest technology trends.'

John Bowman, CTO

We listen to your ideas and needs

Every customer is important, however large or small, getting to know our customers is the key to success for any project.

By listening to your ideas and needs, we ensure that we continuously improve our value to you. Effective translation of ideas and knowledge helps to speed up the success of your tech design in every aspect.


We work with a diverse range of technologies and are able to advise on many market sectors including but not limited to.

  • Cleantech
  • EV
  • Wearables
  • E-sports and Digital Sports
  • VR and AR
  • Healthtech
  • Industry 4.0
  • Autonomous systems
  • Robotics
  • Automation
  • Pharmatech
  • Smart Social Infrastructure
  • Hi-Reliability

Supporting every stage from design chain through to supply chain

As the product moves from the design concept to the manufacturing stage it is important to have a partner who can meet all your needs through every stage of the product lifecycle - from day one to year ten and beyond.

This is where Anglia’s extensive logistics and supply chain experience kicks in. Whether you intend to assemble your product in-house or via third-party manufacturing partners, your supply chain benefits from access to our comprehensive inventory across all types of electronic components. This ensures the need for back orders or placing multiple orders on multiple vendors is minimised, making your purchasing transactions more efficient.

To further optimise procurement, inventory and pricing information is available 24/7 in real-time via our online ordering service www.anglia-live.com.

Combine all this with one of the industry’s most comprehensive online parametric search engines, and a host of other industry leading services and resources - Anglia delivers a formidable proposition to our customers.

'Experts in design knowledge'

At every stage, we will be there asking the right questions and taking you through the product cycle, enabling you to take your idea from the drawing board to prototype stage through to mass production.

Design Chain to Supply Chain


Your Idea

Discuss product brief in complete confidence under a non-disclosure agreement. We will offer advice and suggestions to enhance product functionality.


Proof of Concept + Prototype

Provide guidance on the most suitable components and prototyping partners to help incubate your vision whilst ensuring the product brief is met.


Design for Production

Enabling final product design to meet all required standards whilst at the same time being easy to manufacture saving valuable time and money.


Mass Production

We can introduce you to carefully selected local and global manufacturing partners who can support you during the initial production phase and as you scale up to mass production. In addition you get full access to Anglia’s comprehensive supply chain expertise.


Product Deployment & Marketing

Providing valuable advice on how to get your finished product to market fast and effectively.


Product Lifecycle Management

Our partnership ensures you are kept up to date on any obsolescences or product changes affecting products used in your design. We can also provide assistance with revisions to your product throughout its entire life cycle.

More about Anglia

We are a division of Anglia tailored to help you access the resources and technologies needed to take a great idea from the drawing board to a finished marketable product. Based just a 45 minute drive from the world’s leading centre for science and technology, Cambridge.

Anglia is the UK’s leading independent authorised distributor of semiconductors, optoelectronics, interconnect, passive and electromechanical components. A signatory of the ADS SC21 programme, the company holds AS9120, ISO9001 & ISO14001 accreditations.

Renowned for exceptional customer service and comprehensive technical support, established in 1972 Anglia has gained a wealth of experience and a thorough understanding of the electronics industry. Technically adept, we support OEM and EMS companies in every sector of electronics manufacturing. Our suppliers include some of the world’s leading electronic component brands, complemented by many smaller companies with leadership in their chosen technologies.

Anglia stocks over 1 Billion components from over 900,000 product lines in the UK for same-day dispatch. We aim to streamline logistics and reduce customers’ transaction costs through services that include VMI, KAN-BAN, API, EDI, and customer-dedicated inventory, whilst ensuring an accurate, on-time delivery performance is maintained.

Anglia is driven by an ethos of ever-improving customer understanding and, as a privately-owned business, aims to provide a fast, consistent and highly responsive service.

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