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Omron marks 20-year relationship with Anglia - recognition is part of Omron's 90-year anniversary celebrations

Date Published : 22/11/2023 Share with:


In the picture from left to right, Tony Wilmot, Business Development Manager, Omron, David Liston,  European Distribution Manager, Omron; Jose Luis Gonzalez del Val, Chief Operating Officer, Omron; John Bowman, Marketing Director, Anglia; Chris O’Neill, Senior Business Development Manager Europe, Omron.

Wisbech, 20 November 2023, Anglia Components PLC recently celebrated 20 years of collaboration with Omron Electronic Components as the company's UK distributor. The announcement comes as Omron Corporation commemorates its 90th anniversary this year.

Commenting on the partnership, Jose Luis Gonzalez del Val, Chief Operating Officer for Omron, said, "As Omron celebrates 90 years of success, it’s important to recognise the external partnerships that have supported us in this journey. Anglia is vital to our distribution network as a reliable partner with outstanding relationships to its customer base. Anglia’s work has been recognised previously when they received Omron’s Best Distributor for Northern Europe award. We expect this long-standing partnership to continue for years to come."

John Bowman, Marketing Director at Anglia, added, "We are proud to be recognised by Omron as one of its long-serving distribution partners. It's always exciting to see what innovations in the electronic component sphere Omron present to us to implement with our customers and countless designs have hugely benefitted from their products."

Omron Corporation officially reached its 90th anniversary in May 2023. The company recognised the milestone with a series of events that included the support of global non-profit partners through volunteer events.

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