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Harwin expand range of ready-to-use Gecko cable assemblies, samples available from Anglia.

Date Published : 08/12/2023 Share with:

Harwin has expanded its range of ready-to-use cable assemblies for the high reliability range of Gecko connectors with the addition of cable assemblies for the Gecko-SL connectors which feature Screw-Lok (SL) jackscrew fixings.

Gecko is a 1.25mm pitch High-Reliability connector range from Harwin, the Gecko (G125 series) connectors provide a low profile, dual row interconnect solution, ideally suited for stacking and cable mating in areas where PCB real estate is at a premium. Improving on the popular 2mm pitch Datamate series, and harnessing the modern technology of micro-machining, the Gecko range brings the best of the high-reliability specifications to a smaller size.
Gecko provides a low-profile, dual-row solution for all variations of cable-to-board, board-to-board and cable-to-cable interconnect requirements. With up to 50 contacts per connector, but still capable of 2A per contact, Gecko gives both significant weight and space-saving advantages over Micro-D connections. The Gecko range offers either latching connectors, for maximum weight and space-saving, or Screw-Lok connectors for maximum mating strain relief.

Gecko connectors are available in three product styles.


Gecko with Latches - The original Gecko range features latching mechanisms on the Male connectors, easy to release either by hand or with the Harwin-designed unlatching tools. This option gives the maximum amount of space saving footprint.
Gecko-SL (Gecko Screw-Lok) The jackscrew connector range, built with easy and fast “Mate-before-Lok” screw fixings. Connectors are fully mated before the captive screws need to be engaged. The range also features Metal Backshells, giving the option of shielded cable assemblies when used with external braiding.
Gecko-MT - Developing the Gecko-SL range to include power contacts capable of 10A max. Available in 1 power / 8 signal / 1 power configuration, or 2 power / 8 signal / 2 power configuration. Also compatible with existing Metal Backshells.


The robust build quality and high reliability of the Gecko connectors make them ideal for use in demanding medical equipment applications including ventilators, analysers, patient monitoring systems, medical imaging, hospital & surgical equipment, drug delivery systems, pharmaceutical test instruments and many other essential medical electronic devices.

Gecko-SL (Gecko Screw-Lok) Cable assemblies

Accelerating project completion, without tooling expense or allocation of engineering resources

Leveraging Harwin’s considerable expertise, customers now have access to simple and cost-effective interconnect solutions via Harwin’s portfolio of ready-made high-reliability cable assemblies. The award-winning Gecko-SL 1.25mm connector family builds on the options already available with the popular Datamate products. A wider range of cable assemblies can be supplied, avoiding any upfront investment in equipment and staff training costs to carry out such work in-house.

Available in both single- and double-ended arrangements, the Gecko-SL cable assemblies fully comply with the established IPC-620 cable and wire harnessing industry standard. They can be specified for either cable-to-cable or cable-to-board implementations. Each cable has a 26AWG wire gauge PTFE construction, and comes in 150/300/450mm (6/12/18 inch) lengths. The assemblies are fully compatible with existing metal backshells, for both added mechanical robustness and strong EMC resilience. Thanks to the hexagon-slotted screw fixings and mate-before-lock mechanism, these rugged assemblies are straightforward to deploy, especially in space-constrained environments. They benefit from the inherent resilience that Gecko-SL connectors exhibit to high degrees of shock/vibration and extreme temperatures, as well as their relatively strong current carrying capacity (2A per contact, despite the narrow pitch).

Customers can choose from 6 to 50 pin arrays for their assemblies, reducing lead times and simplifying production processes. The necessary fixing hardware is provided – either directly or as part of the backshell kit. All supplied assemblies are 100% continuity checked. This significantly streamlines the system integration process, saving customers time and effort.

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Gecko-SL Key Features

  • 2A per contact (all electrically loaded; 2.8A per individual contact) at 1.25mm pitch
  • Compact design – significant space saving over Micro-D
  • Cable assemblies in 150mm or 450mm (single-ended), 150mm or 300mm (double-ended) lengths
  • Secure Mate before Lock options
  • Robust Design


Anglia are offering customers FREE samples of Gecko connectors and Gecko-SL cable assemblies from Harwin, please fill in the form below to register for your FREE samples now.




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