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Harwin Kona multi-contact connectors offer high reliability and high power, samples available from Anglia

Date Published : 30/06/2023 Share with:

Harwin has significantly raised the power levels that its product portfolio can support with the introduction of the Kona series, these 8.5mm pitch connectors’ are capable of delivering 60A of current per contact, the highest current rating available today in the Harwin connector portfolio. Kona is unique to the market because it combines Harwin’s high reliability interconnect technology and know-how with a scaled up power handling capability.

The Kona connectors have contacts arranged in a single row, with 2, 3 and 4 contact versions currently available. The high current carrying capacity of 60A per contact means that very little PCB space is used and less contacts are needed to deliver the current, the Kona connector system can deliver up to 240A for a 4 way connector and up to 48A per cm of connector length. The mating pair consists of a male vertical through-board connector with board mount fixings, plus a female cable connector which will accommodate 8AWG gauge cables.

Harwin’s innovative mate-before-lock mechanism prevents any damage occurring during the locking process ensuring the mating elements are fully aligned first, whilst shrouding on each contact and a fully polarized construction prevents any mis-mating. Kona connectors have a 250 mating cycle lifespan and feature stainless steel thumbscrews which are fitted to the female connector element, meaning fixing is simple and no tools are required maximising user convenience. The inclusion of a contact indicator on the connector body further ensures the user is easily able to correctly align the connector elements.

Kona Connector Features

Kona Connector Features

The Kona connectors have a maximum voltage rating of 3kV, and a working temperature ranging from -65°C to +150°C making them suitable for deployment in the most harshest of application environments. The connectors have been tested and qualified to handle vibrational forces of 20G for a period of 12 hours.



The Kona connectors utilise a compact yet powerful 6-finger Beryllium Copper male contact rated at 60A which provides a positive spring force against the female contact giving a low contact resistance of 2mOhm max and excellent vibration and shock resilience. The contacts are finished with a hard-acid gold plating ensuring high mating cycles and protection from long-term environmental exposure preventing any interruption in connectivity.

Click below for an introduction to the key features of the Kona Connectors

The Kona high reliability, high current connectors are suitable for a wide range of demanding applications including Aerospace, Oil & Gas, Drives & Controls, Motorsport, Defence, Electric Vehicles, Factory Automation and High-end Industrial systems.

Key Features


  • 60A max per contact
  • 6-finger contact design to maintain electrical contact through high vibration and shock
  • 8.5mm pitch achieves up to 3,000V without flashover
  • Individually shrouded contacts with a recessed design (avoids accidental touch contact)
  • Thumbscrew mate-before-lock fixings for ease of use
  • Beryllium Copper contact for improved temperature range: -65°C to +150°C
  • 250 mating cycles


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Anglia are offering customers FREE samples of Kona high reliability, high power connectors from Harwin, please fill in the form below to register for samples now.




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