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Internet of Things / Overview

The Internet of Things - IoT

The IoT market is growing exponentially and continues to play an ever increasing and beneficial role within our lives, with applications from remote metering and monitoring through to security, tracking, environmental sensing and cashless payment to name just a few.

In this dedicated area of the website we focus on the core product areas of IoT including resources from some of Anglia's world leading partners. Whether you are looking to enhance your existing product designs with additional functionality and efficiency, or design entirely new products which utilise the revolutionary power of the IoT, Anglia can provide products and support.

You can find more information about the range of specialist IoT suppliers and their respective product offerings for the IoT in the Suppliers Overview tab above.

The New Products & Samples tab features the latest product to market that are transforming the IoT landscape with in depth technical articles all supported with FREE samples and/or evaluation kits to enable you to integrate IoT capabilities into your existing products, or facilitate innovative new designs. If you can't find what you are looking for in the New Products and Samples section, try 'Ezysample', Anglia’s unique FREE sample service.

The IoT is about Collecting, Communicating, Storing and Securing data, sensors are the typical starting point for data collection in an IoT application, Anglia can provide a wide range of sensors products including Position, Proximity, Tilt, Vibration, Temperature, Humidity, Pressure and Flow.

Anglia also has an array of wireless communication modules that enable the transfer of that captured data to really unleash the potential of the IoT, these modules are fully supported by development tools and evaluation kits to help accelerate development and kickstart your IoT projects.

Click on the Products tab above or the interactive infographic below to view the IoT product offerings available from Anglia.

Anglia IoT Infographic


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