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Passives > Inductors & Wound Components > Fixed Inductors & Chokes - Through Hole
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Standard Pack Order Multiple Min Order Lead Time Case or Package TypeCurrent RatingDC ResistanceHeightInductanceLengthMounting TypeOperating TemperatureOutline DimensionsQ min. @ Test FrequencySaturation CurrentSelf Resonant FrequencyShieldingTolerance
11R102C - MURATA POWER SOLUTIONS11R102CMURATA POWER SOLUTIONS1100R RAD IND 1UH 3AIn Stock£0.247832001116Radial3 A20 mohm1 uH-40°C to +85°C5x7.5mmUnshielded±20%
11R103C - MURATA POWER SOLUTIONS11R103CMURATA POWER SOLUTIONS1100R RAD IND 10UH 0.95AIn Stock£0.256382001116Radial950 mA140 mohm10 uH-40°C to +85°C5x7.5mmUnshielded±10%
11R222C - MURATA POWER SOLUTIONS11R222CMURATA POWER SOLUTIONS1100R RAD IND 2.2UH 1.9AIn Stock£0.256382001116Radial1.9 A50 mohm2.2 uH-40°C to +85°C5x7.5mmUnshielded±20%
11R224C - MURATA POWER SOLUTIONS11R224CMURATA POWER SOLUTIONS1100R RAD IND 220UH 0.24AIn Stock£0.256382001116Radial240 mA2.4 ohm220 uH-40°C to +85°C5x7.5mmUnshielded±10%
11R332C - MURATA POWER SOLUTIONS11R332CMURATA POWER SOLUTIONS1100R RAD IND 3.3UH 1.5AIn Stock£0.256382001116Radial1.5 A70 mohm3.3 uH-40°C to +85°C5x7.5mmUnshielded±20%
11R472C - MURATA POWER SOLUTIONS11R472CMURATA POWER SOLUTIONS1100R RAD IND 4.7UH 1.3AIn Stock£0.256382001116Radial1.3 A90 mohm4.7 uH-40°C to +85°C5x7.5mmUnshielded±20%
11R473C - MURATA POWER SOLUTIONS11R473CMURATA POWER SOLUTIONS1100R RAD IND 47UH 0.5AIn Stock£0.256382001116Radial500 mA540 mohm47 uH-40°C to +85°C5x7.5mmUnshielded±10%
11R474C - MURATA POWER SOLUTIONS11R474CMURATA POWER SOLUTIONS1100R RAD IND 470UH 0.14AIn Stock£0.256382001116Radial140 mA6.4 ohm470 uH-40°C to +85°C5x7.5mmUnshielded±10%
13R105C - MURATA POWER SOLUTIONS13R105CMURATA POWER SOLUTIONS1300R RAD IND 1MH 0.33AIn Stock£0.498512001116Radial330 mA2.1 ohm1 mH-40°C to +85°C9.5x13.5mmUnshielded±10%
13R332C - MURATA POWER SOLUTIONS13R332CMURATA POWER SOLUTIONS1300R RAD IND 3.3UH 4.8AIn Stock£0.600252001116Radial4.8 A13 mohm3.3 uH-40°C to +85°C9.5x13.5mmUnshielded±20%
Showing 1 - 10 of 4418

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