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Description Stock Price
Standard Pack Order Multiple Min Order Lead Time Conductor SizeCurrent RatingNo. of WaysOperating TemperaturePitchVoltage Rating
TFC09G - TAICOMTFC09GTAICOMIDC FLATCABLE GREY 9WAY 100FTIn Stock£14.788991111828 AWG1 A9-20°C to +105°C1.27 mm300 V
TFC10G - TAICOMTFC10GTAICOMIDC FLATCABLE GREY 10WAY 100FTIn Stock£13.621441111828 AWG1 A10-20°C to +105°C1.27 mm300 V
TFC14G - TAICOMTFC14GTAICOMIDC FLATCABLE GREY 14WAY 100FTIn Stock£17.124101111828 AWG1 A14-20°C to +105°C1.27 mm300 V
TFC20G - TAICOMTFC20GTAICOMIDC FLATCABLE GREY 20WAY 100FTIn Stock£26.278381111828 AWG1 A20-20°C to +105°C1.27 mm300 V
TFC25G - TAICOMTFC25GTAICOMIDC FLATCABLE GREY 25WAY 100FTIn Stock£33.842091111828 AWG1 A25-20°C to +105°C1.27 mm300 V
TFC40G - TAICOMTFC40GTAICOMIDC FLATCABLE GREY 40WAY 100FTIn Stock£53.132081111828 AWG1 A40-20°C to +105°C1.27 mm300 V
TFC64G - TAICOMTFC64GTAICOMIDC FLATCABLE GREY 64WAY 100FTIn Stock£77.836801111828 AWG1 A64-20°C to +105°C1.27 mm300 V
TFC16G - TAICOMTFC16GTAICOMIDC FLATCABLE GREY 16WAY 100FTStock Due£19.459201111828 AWG1 A16-20°C to +105°C1.27 mm300 V
TFC26G - TAICOMTFC26GTAICOMIDC FLATCABLE GREY 26WAY 100FTStock Due£32.505331111828 AWG1 A26-20°C to +105°C1.27 mm300 V
TFC34G - TAICOMTFC34GTAICOMIDC FLATCABLE GREY 34WAY 100FTStock Due£40.864321111828 AWG1 A34-20°C to +105°C1.27 mm300 V
Showing 1 - 10 of 112

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