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Description Stock Price
Standard Pack Order Multiple Min Order Lead Time AttenuationCapacitanceCase or Package TypeCurrentCut-off FrequencyFilter TypeVoltage
ACF451832-682-T - TDK EPCOS ELECTRONICS EUROPEACF451832-682-TTDK EPCOS ELECTRONICS EUROPEACF 3T-FLTR 20/85MHZ 300MAIn Stock£0.246001000111425 dB1812300 mA35 MHzBandstop50 V
B8D3HRR0250 - TDK EPCOS ELECTRONICS EUROPEB8D3HRR0250TDK EPCOS ELECTRONICS EUROPEACF451832-332-T 250PC REELIn Stock£0.272002502502501425 dB1812300 mA50 MHzBandstop50 V
BNX002-11 - MURATABNX002-11MURATABNX 50V/125V 10A DC FILTERIn Stock£2.9800010010010010
BNX003-01 - MURATABNX003-01MURATABNX 150V/375V 10A DC FILTERIn Stock£2.51000100119944 dBSMD Block10 ALow Pass150 V
BNX012-01 - MURATABNX012-01MURATABNX 50V/125V 15A DC FILTERIn Stock£2.19000150111041 dBSMD Block15 A3.5 MHzLow Pass50 V
BNX016-01 - MURATABNX016-01MURATABNX 15A LC FILTERIn Stock£2.44448150111040 dBSMD Block15 A1.5 MHzLow Pass25 V
BNX023-01L - MURATABNX023-01LMURATABNX 100V/250V 15A DC FILTERIn Stock£2.38000400111035 dBSMD415 A50 MHzLow Pass100 V
BNX027H01L - MURATABNX027H01LMURATABNX 16V/40V 15A DC FILTERIn Stock£3.270004004004001035 dB22 uFSMD420 ALow Pass16 V
BNX029-01L - MURATABNX029-01LMURATABNX 6.3V/15.8V 15A DC FILTERIn Stock£3.28000400111035 dB100 uFSMD420 ALow Pass6.3 V
E6C9MRR0500 - MURATAE6C9MRR0500MURATANFE61PT102E1H9L 500PC REELIn Stock£0.33400500500500101000 pF27062 ALow Pass50 V
Showing 1 - 10 of 348

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