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HIROSE release Compact, 20A Current, Waterproof, Signal and Power Hybrid Connector, samples available from Anglia

Date Published : 11/08/2022 Share with:


HIROSE, a world-class manufacturer of innovative connector solutions, has introduced the BH12 series, 20A current, compact, waterproof, signal and power hybrid connector ideal for use in E-mobility and Industrial applications.

The BH12 Series is a power/signal hybrid connector ideal for the battery connection of E-mobility and other industrial equipment such as autonomous factory robots. The BH12 Series is an IPX6/IPX7 waterproof connector (when mated) with lock lever design and enhances cable wiring efficiency. Additionally, the power/signal hybrid design contributes to reducing connector occupied mounting space.

In recent years, the market for E-Mobility and autonomous robotic factory equipment has been expanding rapidly, and a variety of products have been developed to meet market needs. As a result, connection methods for connectors have also changed. In particular, the connection of electric drive units is shifting from the conventional method of connecting the cable out of the panel with an in-line connector to the method of connecting connectors inside the application. HIROSE has developed the BH12 series to address these applications, this smaller, high current, power-signal hybrid circular waterproof connector integrates their long experience in the E-Mobility and industrial robotics market.

The BH12 series features a compact design, although the total length is 36mm and the diameter is 13.8mm, the BH12 is compatible with 14 AWG size cables and can handle high currents up to 20A. The hybrid power/signal design of the BH12 series enables application size reduction because the connector occupied mounting space is reduced by combining power and signal in the same connector. The connector supports Power 20Ax2pos., Signal 1Ax2pos. (or Signal 1Ax1pos.). The power contacts on the receptacle side are soldered at a right angle, thus reducing the height requirement inside the panel.

The BH12 series have a waterproof design (in the mated state) and can handle direct water jets or total immersion under specified conditions, this allows the connectors to be used in harsh environmental settings. The connectors feature a Lever lock for easy wiring, this can be locked in one action by simply pushing the plug straight into the receptacle. The lock lever on both sides of the plug prevents cable entanglement, lock deformation and damage during cable assembly and transportation. Guide keys are also available to ensure secure alignment and mating even in areas with poor visibility.

The BH12 receptacle is available in both front and rear mount types to suit the usage conditions. The front mount type is effective for reducing space used inside the panel, whilst with the rear mount type, pre-assembled cable assemblies can be attached to the panel. Additionally, screws are not visible from the panel exterior.

The BH12 series connectors are ideal for applications including E-mobility (E-Bikes etc.), industrial robots, medical mobility equipment, LED lighting and many more.

Key Features

  • High current capacity and 14 AWG compatibility with compact size Power 20Ax2pos., Signal 1A
  • Both front and rear mount types available
  • IPX6/IPX7 Waterproof
  • Easy cable assembly
  • Design prevents damage to lock
  • Light weight
  • Operating Temperature range: -40°C to +105°C


Click here for more information or to buy from Anglia Live.

Click here to download the BH12 datasheet

Anglia are offering customers FREE samples of the BH12 series, 20A current, compact, waterproof, signal and power hybrid connector from HIROSE, please fill in the form below to register for samples now.




To register for FREE samples of the BH12 series, 20A current, compact, waterproof, signal and power hybrid connector from HIROSE, please fill in the form below.

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