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Introducing AMR sensors for accurate position and rotation detection from Murata, samples available from Anglia

Date Published : 09/07/2021 Share with:

Murata’s range AMR sensors are magnetic switches that have an integrated IC that produces high and low output digital signals based on the magnetic field strength detected. AMR sensors can detect a broad range of movements such as open/close detection, rotation detection, and position detection, through combination with a magnet.

AMR is an abbreviation for Anisotropic Magneto Resistance, these sensors have a function where the resistance decreases when a magnetic field is applied, the resistance is dependent on the direction of the magnetic force lines applied to the element (anisotropic).

AMR Sensor principle of operation

>AMR Sensor principle of operation

The material of the AMR element within the sensors is a ferromagnetic metal made from an alloy of nickel, iron, and other metals. Because the positive and negative sides of the sensor have symmetric characteristics, the same operation is performed even if the north and south poles of the magnet are reversed. AMR sensors enable contactless gathering of high-accuracy and high-reliability data. The sensors have an on-board IC which performs all the digital processing of the analog signals from the AMR element and produces a digital Hi and Lo level output meaning no signal processing is required by the host system.

Because the operation of AMR sensors is not dependant on specific polarisation of the north and south poles of the magnet, the compact and high-accuracy AMR sensors enable a wider sensitivity area than Hall effect sensors, and thus allows more flexible placement of magnets and sensors to reducing mounting discrepancies in the product enclosure during installation.

Range overview

The Murata AMR sensor range features products optimised for position detection with low current consumption, high speed position detection and rotation protection


Detection Application AMR sensor Part number Supply voltage[v] Sensitivity[mT] Average current consumption [μA] Response Frequency [Hz] Output logic: Positive/Negative
Min. Typ. Max. Hoff Hon
Position detection (Low current consumption) MRMS501A-001 1.6 1.8 3.5 0.5 2.5 3 8 (min.) Negative logic
MRMS511X-001 0.8 2
MRMS201A-001 1.6 3 3.5 0.5 2.5 5
MRMS205A-001 3 5 5.5 8
Position detection (High-speed detection) MRMS541E 2.4 3 3.8 0.9 2.7 220 1000 (min.) Positive logic
MRMS543E 1.6 1.8 3.6 0.5 3.1 40 500 (min.) Positive logic
MRSS29E 3 12 30 0.6 2.8 1500 (max.) 5000 (max.) Positive logic
Rotation detection MRMS791B 1.8 3 3.6 - - 1,200 300 (max.)
MRSS29DR-001 3.5 12 30 36% 68% 1,000 -


The sensors are all housed in compact surface mount packages minimising board space and making the devices easy to position for optimum operation.

Murata have also made a FREE AMR Simulation tool available to assist designers when developing applications. The simulation tool is supplied in Excel format and answers the question “What area does the AMR sensor turn on with this magnet?” by just inputting/selecting the information for the specific magnet and sensor. The tool then displays the area on a simplified on-area map. This is useful when considering where to deploy AMR sensors within the end product being designed.

Murata AMR sensors are suitable for a wide range of applications where accurate position and rotation detection is required including cylinder-position detection, rotation detection such as in gas and water meters, opening/closing and anti-tamper detection in security systems, electronic locks, exercise equipment, liquid level gauges, cameras, video cameras, automated building controls, industrial machinery, robotics, domestic appliances and wearables.

Key Features


  • Range of products optimised for Accurate Position and Rotation detection
  • Magnetic switches with digital ON/OFF output when the operating magnetic field is applied
  • No magnet polarisation required
  • Compact sensors with low power consumption
  • Response/driving voltage that can be used for a variety of applications


Click here for more information or to buy from Anglia Live.

Download the Murata AMR Simulation Tool & Manual


Anglia are offering customers FREE samples of the compact AMR sensors for accurate position and rotation detection from Murata, please fill in the form below to register for samples now.




To register for FREE samples of the compact AMR sensors for accurate position and rotation detection from Murata, please fill in the form below

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FREE samples for UK and Ireland customers only, subject to availability.

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