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Introducing the LTC6373 Fully-Differential Programmable-Gain Instrumentation Amplifier with 25pA Input Bias Current from Analog Devices, evaluation board and samples available from Anglia

Date Published : 14/12/2020 Share with:

The LTC6373 from Analog Devices is a precision instrumentation amplifier with fully differential outputs which includes a closely matched internal resistor network to achieve excellent common mode rejection ratio (CMRR), offset voltage, gain error, gain drift, and gain nonlinearity.

The device allows easy user programmability of the gain to one of seven available settings through a 3-bit parallel interface (A2 to A0). An 8th state puts the part in shutdown which reduces the current consumption to 220μA. Unlike a conventional voltage feedback amplifier, the LTC6373 maintains nearly the same bandwidth across all its gain settings.

The LTC6373 features fully differential outputs to drive high performance, differential-input ADCs. The output common mode voltage is independently adjustable via the VOCM pin. The combination of high impedance inputs, DC precision, low noise, low distortion, and high-speed differential ADC drive makes the LTC6373 an ideal candidate for optimizing data acquisition systems.

The LTC6373 is supported by the DC2398A evaluation board, this circuit allows the user to control the amplifier gain in several ways, such as by simply setting onboard jumpers or by connecting an Arduino or Linduino (DC2026A) microcontroller board. The LTC6373 has fully differential outputs with independent common mode level shifting and the output common mode level can be set by the IC’s internal default or overdriven by the user.

The LTC6373 is available in a 12-lead 4mm × 4mm DFN (LFCSP) package and is fully specified over the −40°C to 125°C temperature range.

Typical Applications


  • Data Acquisition Systems
  • Biomedical Instrumentation
  • Test and Measurement Equipment
  • Differential ADC Drivers
  • Single-Ended-to-Differential Conversion
  • Multiplexed Applications


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Click here to download the LTC6373 Datasheet

Click here to download the DC2398A Eval Kit User Guide

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