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Comprehensive range of Sounders from Murata are suitable for a wide range of applications including IoT devices, samples available from Anglia

Date Published : 19/01/2023 Share with:

Murata manufacture a wide range of sounder and buzzer components based on Piezoelectric ceramic technology, the range includes surface mount and through hole housed sounders and Piezoelectric diaphragms elements which can be integrated into the users product housing design. Murata sound components can be used to provide important feedback or warnings to the operator in addition to being widely used in melody and audio speaker applications.


Structure of a Piezoelectric sounder

Murata sounders use the Piezoelectric effect of ceramic to generate sound, the ceramic material is affixed to a metal plate/diaphragm and when an alternating voltage is applied to the ceramic material it deflects causing the metal diaphragm to bend back and forth creating a movement of air thus generating sound. Piezoelectric ceramic sounders use far less component parts than traditional electromagnetic type sounders making them more reliable and lighter weight.

The use of Piezoelectric ceramic technology allows Murata’s sounder products to be smaller size and lower profile occupying less PCB space, they feature low current consumption making them ideal for use in battery powered products such as IoT devices and portable equipment. They feature high sound pressure levels allowing them to be used in a wide range of environments and are easy to assemble using automatic soldering processes. The performance of the sounders is stable even after soldering to the PCB making them suitable for applications which require a high degree of reliability.

Murata's range of sounders are available as external drive types where the users oscillation circuit provides a suitable waveform to drive the sounder or with a built-in oscillation circuit where just a simple DC voltage is required to operate the sounder.

SMD Sounders

The Murata PKLCS and PKMCS series of SMD Piezoelectric sounders are recommended for new designs and are very popular as replacements for existing through hole electromagnetic sounder products where customers are looking to reduce PCB size, streamline production assembly and improve reliability.

The SMD range is available in 3 sizes, 9.0x9.0x1.9mm, 12.0x12.0x3.0mm and 18.0x18.0x8.0mm and includes models which are suitable for automotive applications. Sound output levels are specified from 76dB (typ.) up to 100dB (typ.) measured at 10 cm distance with available frequencies of 2.0kHz, 2.4 Hz and 4.0kHz making them suitable for use in a wide range of different environments.

Through Hole Sounders and Buzzers

Murata’s PKM and PKB series of through hole Piezoelectric Sounders and Buzzers are sound components which incorporate a Piezoelectric vibration plate in a plastic housing. The Piezoelectric sounders are sound components without built-in oscillation circuits which can generate sounds when a suitable input signal is applied, they are capable of creating single tone, multi-tone and melody sounds depending on the oscillation circuit allowing them to be used in a wide range of applications. The Piezoelectric buzzer range has a built-in oscillation circuit and generates a monotone sound when a DC voltage is applied to the pins.

Sound output levels are specified for the PKM series Piezoelectric Sounders from 78dB (typ.) up to 92dB (typ.) measured at 10 cm distance with available frequencies of 2.0kHz and 4.0kHz making them suitable for use in a wide range of different environments. The PKB series Piezoelectric buzzer part gives a single tone sound output level of 90dB at 3.6kHz frequency with current consumption of just 16mA (max.)

Piezoelectric Diaphragms

The Murata Piezoelectric Diaphragms require an external oscillation circuit to operate and are available in two types, the 7BB series which have a Brass material metal plate and are available in 12mm to 41mm diameters and the 7NB series which uses a Nickel alloy metal plate and is available in 31mm diameter only. Several models in the 7BB series can also be supplied with 50mm lead-wires attached. The Piezoelectric Diaphragms are available with resonant frequencies from 1.3kHz to 9.0kHz making them suitable for use in a wide range of noisy environments where a warning signal needs to be clearly heard.

Key features

  • Available in SMD, Through Hole and Bare element / Diaphragm formats
  • Available with and with-out built in drive circuits
  • Wide range of sound output and frequencies available
  • Compact and low profile sizes available
  • Low current consumption
  • Higher reliability
  • Suitable for use with automatic soldering processes


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