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Standard Pack Order Multiple Min Order Lead Time ColourConnector TypeInsulatedMounting DirectionMounting TypePlug / SocketTermination
BU-31104-0 - MUELLER ELECTRIC EUROPEBU-31104-0MUELLER ELECTRIC EUROPEBLK STKABLE BANA PLUGIn Stock£3.1900011116BlackBananaInsulatedIn-lineFree HangingPlugSolder
BU-31104-2 - MUELLER ELECTRIC EUROPEBU-31104-2MUELLER ELECTRIC EUROPERED STKABLE BANA PLUGIn Stock£3.1900011116RedBananaInsulatedIn-lineFree HangingPlugSolder
BU-31603-0 - MUELLER ELECTRIC EUROPEBU-31603-0MUELLER ELECTRIC EUROPEBLK PRESSFIT INS BANA JACK-SPAIn Stock£1.3400011116BlackBananaInsulatedPress FitSocketSolder Tabs
BU-31603-2 - MUELLER ELECTRIC EUROPEBU-31603-2MUELLER ELECTRIC EUROPERED PRESSFIT INS BANA JACK-SPAIn Stock£1.3400011116RedBananaInsulatedPress FitSocketSolder Tabs
BU-31607-0 - MUELLER ELECTRIC EUROPEBU-31607-0MUELLER ELECTRIC EUROPEPANEL MOUNT ISOLATED BANA JACKIn Stock£2.8700011116BlackBananaInsulatedPanel MountSocketThreaded
BU-31607-2 - MUELLER ELECTRIC EUROPEBU-31607-2MUELLER ELECTRIC EUROPEPANEL MOUNT ISOLATED BANA JACKIn Stock£2.8700011116RedBananaInsulatedPanel MountSocketThreaded
BU-32603-0 - MUELLER ELECTRIC EUROPEBU-32603-0MUELLER ELECTRIC EUROPEBLK CABLE MOUNTABLE 4MM SHRD BIn Stock£3.3200011116BlackBananaIn-lineFree HangingPlugSolder
BU-32603-2 - MUELLER ELECTRIC EUROPEBU-32603-2MUELLER ELECTRIC EUROPERED CABLE MOUNTABLE 4MM SHRD BIn Stock£3.3200011116RedBananaIn-lineFree HangingPlugSolder
BU-32614-0 - MUELLER ELECTRIC EUROPEBU-32614-0MUELLER ELECTRIC EUROPERETRBLE BANA PLUG BLKIn Stock£3.1000011116BlackBananaIn-lineFree HangingPlugSolder
BU-32614-2 - MUELLER ELECTRIC EUROPEBU-32614-2MUELLER ELECTRIC EUROPERETRBLE BANA PLUG REDIn Stock£3.100001001116RedBananaIn-lineFree HangingPlugSolder
Showing 31 - 40 of 304

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