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Renesas Launch RA Family of 32-bit Arm® Cortex®-M Microcontrollers, eval boards and samples available from Anglia

The Renesas RA family is a new 32-bit MCU family built with the Arm® Cortex®-M core architecture. With a wide range of performance and features, the Renesas RA Family has been developed to meet the scalability, power consumption and performance demands of embedded systems.

The flexible Renesas Advanced (RA) 32-bit MCUs are industry leading 32-bit MCUs with the Arm® Cortex®-M33, -M23 and -M4 processor cores and PSA certification. The Renesas RA family delivers key advantages compared to competitive Arm Cortex-M MCUs by providing stronger embedded security, superior CoreMark® performance, and ultra-low power operation. PSA certification provides customers the confidence and assurance to quickly deploy secure IoT endpoint and edge devices, and smart factory equipment for Industry 4.0.

The first members of the RA family include three MCU series designed with common DNA making the products pin and feature compatible allowing easy scalability and code reuse from one device to another. The new RA MCUs are suited to a wide range of applications including Home Automation, Industrial Automation, Building Automation, Energy Management Systems, Healthcare and Innovative Industrial IoT customers who require better security and connectivity.

The RA MCUs have a highly optimized feature set coupled with excellent scalability and compatibility across the Renesas RA family to realize hardware and software portability thus allowing designers to build platforms with scale to support a wide range of products. The RA MCUs also feature scalable HMI solutions by offering an integrated Capacitive Touch Sensing Unit for display control and includes devices offering an embedded TFT controller supported by an 2D drawing engine and JPEG Engine.

The RA MCUs have a high level of security, they feature a Crypto Module with different cryptography accelerator, latest encryption algorithms, RSA/DSA/ECC/AES/SHA and a True Random Number Generator (TRNG) have also been integrated. The Crypto Module supports Key isolation and Keys can be wrapped encrypted with a key unique to each MCU so they are only accessible within the crypto module on a particular MCU. In addition, an ARM security MPU is also included.

The RA MCU family is available in three series, RA2, RA4 and RA6, each having different unique features to provide support for a variety of market and application needs:

RA2 Series

The RA2 Series is the RA Family's entry-level 32-bit MCU, offering excellent cost performance and ultra-low power consumption. It delivers up to 48MHz of CPU performance using an Arm® Cortex®-M23 core with up to 256kB of embedded flash memory and a wide single voltage supply range from 1.6V to 5.5V. With cutting-edge peripherals like capacitive touch, the RA2 Series is ideal for system control or user interface applications such as in healthcare devices, home appliances, office equipment, and measuring equipment.

RA4 Series

The RA4 Series bridges the needs for low power with the demand for connectivity and performance. These MCUs deliver up to 48MHz of CPU performance using an Arm® Cortex®-M4 core with up to 256kB of embedded flash memory. The series offers a wide set of peripherals, including USB, CAN, ADC, capacitive touch, a segment LCD controller, and additional security IP integration, making it suitable for industrial equipment, home appliances, office equipment, healthcare products, and meters.

RA6 Series

The RA6 Series offers the widest integration of communication interfaces as well as the best performance level. These MCUs deliver up to 120MHz of CPU performance using an Arm® Cortex®-M4 core and a memory range from 512kB to 2MB Flash. The series offers Ethernet, USB Full Speed and USB High Speed, QSPI, CAN, and TFT display driver integration. And, its embedded Secure Crypto Engine is full of features you can leverage in your higher-level solutions. The RA6 Series addresses a broad range of applications for IoT endpoints such as white goods, meters, and other industrial and consumer applications.

Click below to view an introduction to the Renesas RA family

The RA family is fully supported by evaluation kits and the Renesas RA Flexible Software Package (FSP) which provides a quick and versatile way to build secure connected Internet of Things (IoT) devices using the Renesas RA Family of Arm microcontrollers (MCUs). FSP provides production ready peripheral drivers, Amazon FreeRTOS and middleware stacks to take advantage of the FSP ecosystem.

Key Features & Specifications


  • High scalability pin compatible devices
  • Rich feature set suitable for a broad range of industrial applications
  • Choice of performance range
    • RA2: Up to 60MHz, 1.6V-5.5V, Low Power, 512kB Flash, 64kB SRAM.
    • RA4: Up to 100MHz, 1.6V-5.5V, Excellent Power, High Performance Mix Paired with Security, up to 1MB Flash,128kB SRAM
    • RA6: Up to 200MHz, 2.7-3.6V, Advanced Performance, Connectivity and Security, up to 2MB Flash, 640kB SRAM
  • Renesas RA Flexible Software Package (FSP)
  • Full MCU evaluation kits available including on-chip debugger


Click here for more information or to buy from Anglia Live.

Click here to download the RA family MCU Selection Guide.

Click here to download the RA2A1 MCU Datasheet.

Click here to download the RA4M1 MCU Datasheet.

Click here to download the RA6M1 MCU Datasheet.

Click here to download the RA6M2 MCU Datasheet

Click here to download the RA6M3 MCU Datasheet

Anglia are offering customers a FREE evaluation board and samples of the new RA family of 32-bit Arm® Cortex®-M MCUs from Renesas, please fill in the form below to register for your FREE samples now.




To register for FREE evaluation boards and samples of the new RA family of 32-bit Arm® Cortex®-M MCUs from Renesas, please fill in the form below.

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FREE samples for UK and Ireland customers only, subject to availability.

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