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Introducing Murata Power Solutions DCA5-20PC Panel Meters and precision base-mounted current shunts

Murata Power Solutions’ DCA5-20PC Series dc ammeters are specifically designed to display the output of all popular 50mV and 100mV dc-shunts. 25 input ranges provide for precision measurement of dc currents from 1A to 2000A. With the exception of an external shunt, the unit is 100% self-contained – no calibration or user-supplied components are required.

Available LED-display colours include brilliant blue, bright green, and standard red. Three power supply options accommodate all popular dc-supply voltages from 5V to 75Vdc, making these ammeters perfect for automotive, industrial, telecom, and marine applications.

DCA5-20PC Series ammeters are housed in compact 35mm x 22mm rugged packages that feature a large, 9.4mm high, LED display. Display visibility is not compromised in any way and can be easily read at distances up to 5 meters. All input and power supply connections are made using two screw-style terminal blocks. For added flexibility, computer-style jumpers are provided for range-specific decimal point assignments. And, to ensure trouble free installation, all models include reverse-polarity protected power supply inputs.

Two input configurations are offered: grounded shunt (“low-side”), 5-40V-powered, red, green or blue LED models for cost-sensitive applications, and 8-36V isolated-supply models that accept high-side or floating shunts. Isolated-supply models are also available in a choice of red, green, or blue LEDs. Since many dc ammeters are used in battery backup applications, power consumption for 8-36V models is typically 1 Watt, and 75mW for 5-40V models.

Miniature size, wide supply inputs, and no-hassles installation make DCA5-20PC Series ammeters the ideal choice for 50mV and 100mV shunt ammeter-applications.

DCA5-20PC Series Key features


  • Scales and displays the output of 5A to 2000A, 50mV & 100mV shunts
  • Completely self-contained – no additional components required
  • Wide power supply inputs: 5 to 40Vdc for 12V/24V/28V applications
  • 48V option for telecom supplies Isolated-supply models for high-side shunts
  • Large, easy-to-read LED display with 9.4mm high digits
  • Available in red, blue or green LED displays
  • Subminiature 35mm x 22mm package with screw-style terminal blocks
  • Factory calibrated to ±0.1% accuracy; Reverse-polarity protection
  • Over 50 models available
  • Digital upgrade for analog meters


Precision current shunts

To complement the DCA5-20PC Series dc ammeters Murata Power Solutions’ also have a range of 50mV and 100mV base-mounted current shunts designed for measuring dc currents from 5A to 1200A. These precision shunts (+/–0.25% accuracy) can be connected directly to MPS’s DCA5-20PC Series of dc ammeters.

Installation is straightforward: simply connect the load circuit to the shunt’s threaded studs and the shunt’s mV Kelvin outputs to the digital ammeter’s input terminals.

Typical Installation example

All models feature a rugged phenolic base that provides 750V isolation to the shunt’s brass terminals, allowing for direct attachment to metal surfaces. A highly stable (+/–15ppm/°C) manganin sensing-element provides a wide –40°C to +60°C operating temperature range.

The 3020 series current shunt range consists of 13 different models for rated currents from 5A to 1200A with 50mV or 100mV outputs depending on model chosen.

Click here for more information or to buy from Anglia Live.

Click here to download the datasheet for DCA5-20PC Panel Meters

Click here to download the datasheet for 3020 series shunts

Anglia are offering customers a FREE sample of the DCA5-20PC Panel meter and precision base-mounted current shunt from Murata Power Solutions, please fill in the form below to register for your FREE samples now.




To register for a FREE sample of the DCA5-20PC Panel meter and precision base-mounted current shunt from Murata Power Solutions, please fill in the form below.

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