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Introducing the BLM18SN series of Chip ferrite beads with rated current of 8A

The rated current is an important consideration when choosing chip ferrite beads for use in power supplies. The new 0603-size (1.6mm×0.8mm) BLM18SN series from Murata adds products rated at 8A to the line-up, which previously included no products with current ratings over 6A in the entire series from 1806 to 01005 size.

The chip ferrite beads BLM series is designed to function nearly as a resistor at noise frequencies, which greatly reduces the possibility of resonance and leaves signal wave forms undistorted.


BLM series is effective in circuits without stable ground lines because BLM series does not need a connection to ground. The nickel barrier structure of the external electrodes provides excellent solder heat resistance. BLM18SN series can be used in high current circuits due to its low DC resistance and 8A current rating.

Chip ferrite beads can be used in signal and power lines. For ferrite beads used in power supplies, the rated current is very significant as an index for determining whether or not a particular product is suitable for use. The Murata BLM series chip ferrite beads range in size from compact products measuring 0.4mm × 0.2mm to large products measuring 4.5mm × 1.6mm. The maximum rated current range was previously up to 6A, the latest products added to the line-up incorporate enhancements to the materials and internal structure that enable a 33% increase in the rated current to 8A. This provides support for a broader range of applications.

Impedance vs. Frequency Characteristic

The BLM18SN ferrite beads are ideal for use in power line noise suppression applications, there are 3 models in the range which are suited to the following applications.

  • General applications - BLM18SN220TN1
  • Automotive powertrain and safety applications - BLM18SN220TH1
  • Automotive infotainment applications - BLM18SN220TZ1

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