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Murata piezoelectric sounder produces world's most detectable volume for warnings and notifications

Murata have developed the world’s most distinctive surface mount piezoelectric sounder, originally designed for automotive applications the surface mount PKMCS1818E20A0-R1 sounder is suitable for use in many other rugged environments such as industrial applications where exposure to vibration and shock is likely.

Globally demand for sound emitting devices, especially within the man-machine interfaces on industrial equipment, has increased dramatically as the need for intelligent warnings and notifications during operation has become more important. Previous generations of through hole mounting sounders suffered issues when not mounted correctly which affected the sound quality, these latest reflow-capable surface mount sounders from Murata features a high degree of reliability to prevent such issues. In addition surface mounting provides a much more repeatable and consistent placement process meaning issues related to incorrect mounting are largely negated.

Murata has applied its unique materials technology and high-level manufacturing processes to produce the PKMCS1818E20A0-R1 surface mount piezoelectric sounder specifically for demanding applications, this has resulted in a sounder that yields four times the sound of previous generation Murata products, an increase of 10~12dB. This increase in performance allows the sounder to be used in a wider range of applications such as Industrial machines, Lifting equipment, Autonomous robotic equipment and Warning systems.

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Download the datasheet for the PKMCS1818E20A0-R1 sounder.

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