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Harwin launches SYCAMORE Contact; ultra-reliable, durable SMT contact for high volume automated assembly

Introducing the SYCAMORE Contact surface-mount socket from Harwin which provides superior pin retention and durability for high-volume applications manufactured using advanced automated systems. The SYCAMORE Contact’s design features three points of contact, providing the assurance of continuity and robustness previously only available from two-piece assemblies which are rarely available on Tape & Reel.

The SYCAMORE Contacts patent-pending design provides superior pin retention for modules and devices subject to multiple insertions and removals and are supplied on Tape & Reel format with 1400 parts per reel making them suitable for automatic placement machines.

View of a cutaway PCB showing the SYCAMORE Contact assembled

These contacts are ideally suited for PCB layouts with field-replaceable modules with odd-form termination layouts. By locating a SYCAMORE Contact at each termination point, the module can be easily removed and replaced at any time.

Typical applications for SYCAMORE Contact include domestic and commercial gas detection systems, fire alarms and metering systems, plus many other applications which require modules and devices such as field-replaceable parts to be mounted to a PCB. Temperature-sensitive components can also benefit from being assembled to the PCB via SYCAMORE Contacts. The SYCAMORE Contacts are subjected to the SMT process along with the rest of the board components. The temperature-sensitive component can then be added after, with no exposure to heat from either SMT soldering or post-operation hand solder. SYCAMORE Contact is a unique, proprietary Harwin contact design with patents pending.

The SYCAMORE Contact is a single-part SMT socket design featuring a low profile of only 0.3mm max above the PCB.  Available in top and bottom entry versions, it accepts 1mm or 1.5mm diameter pins and is open-ended, so mating pin depth is not limited.  The contacts are manufactured from Beryllium Copper and are gold-plated to ensure high conductivity and durability over a temperature range of -50°C to +125°C.

Key Features:

  • Beryllium Copper base material - for an operating temperature range -50°C to +125°C
  • Gold-plating finish - in combination with the Beryllium Copper gives a durability of 500 mating cycles
  • 4 styles available
  • Tape and Reel (1400 contacts per reel), ideally suited for automated assembly
  • 6A current rating
  • 0.3mm maximum above PCB


“At Harwin, we understand the challenges of our customers right from design through to manufacturing and the unique contact design of our new SYCAMORE Contact surface-mount socket addresses their need to apply advanced manufacturing processes for high volume output with no compromise on contact performance”, comments Robert Webber, Product Strategy Manager at Harwin.

Click below to see a short video showing the key features of the SYCAMORE Contact


Click here for more information or buy from Anglia Live.

Click here to download the SYCAMORE Contact Data brief

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