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HIROSE introduce the BM28 Series of Ultra Compact, Power and Signal, FPC-to-Board Connectors for USB 3.1 Connectivity, samples available from Anglia

HIROSE has introduced the BM28 series of connectors to provide a robust, high power and space-saving connectivity solution for miniaturised applications requiring USB 3.1 connectivity.

The BM28 range of connectors consists of headers and receptacles which provide a connection between a flat printed circuit (FPC) and a board. The connector features a hybrid design which includes signal contacts rated at 0.3A (for 40 positions and under) / 0.2A (over 40 positions) and power contacts rated at 5A.

When mated, the BM28’s parallel stack height is only 0.6mm with a narrow depth of 1.7mm, making this one of the smallest hybrid FPC- to-board connectors in the world.

Although the connector's dimensions are compact, performance is not compromised, and the connectors are able to offer highly reliable mechanical connection. This is due to the provision of unique 2-point contacts and a long effective mating length of 0.13mm (signal) or 0.10mm (power).

The connector can support high-speed transmission up to 10Gbps and the pin assignment is compatible with the USB 3.1 second generation standard.

Guide ribs are incorporated into the housing body, providing for a wide self-alignment range of 0.3mm in the X-direction and 0.3mm in the Y-direction, and permitting a smoother mating operation. The metal covering on the guide ribs enhances the robustness and prevents damage from incorrect mating or any unintended unmating due to drop impact.

The integral moulding of the BM28 series has no gaps preventing solder wicking.

Key Features

  • Number of contacts: 10,16, 20, 24, 30, 34, 40, 44, 58 signal / 2 power
  • Contact pitch: 0.35mm
  • Current rating: 5A power / 0.3A signal (for 40 positions and under), 0.2A signal (over 40 positions)
  • Stack height: 0.6mm
  • Voltage rating: 30V
  • Mating cycles: 10
  • Halogen-free

Click here for more information or to buy from Anglia Live.

Click here to download the datasheet.

Anglia are offering customers FREE samples of the BM28 series Ultra Compact FPC-to-Board Connectors from HIROSE, please fill in the form below to register interest now.



To register for FREE samples of the BM28 series Ultra Compact FPC-to-Board Connectors from HIROSE, please fill in the form below.

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FREE samples for UK and Ireland customers only, subject to availability.


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