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Introducing the Dual-mode Qi/ PMA wireless power receiver from STMicroelectronics, samples and evaluation boards available from Anglia now

The STWLC03 from STMicroelectronics is an integrated wireless power receiver solution suitable for portable applications.

The STWLC03 device is able to operate with Qi 1.1 or PMA communication protocol. Thanks to the integrated low impedance synchronous rectifier and DC-DC step-down converter, the STWLC03 achieves high efficiency, low power dissipation and output power beyond 5 W. Digital control and precise analog control loops ensure stable operation whilst an I2C interface allows many parameters to be customized in the device and this configuration can be stored in the embedded non-volatile memory (NVM).

The STWLC03 can deliver the output power in two modes: as a voltage source with regulated output voltage, typically 5 V, or as a simple CC/CV battery charger allowing direct charging of Li-Ion or Li-Pol batteries. The STWLC03 can operate autonomously or can be controlled through I2C by the host system. The STWLC03 can detect an external (wired) power supply connection and drive an external power switch.

Simplified block diagram

Key Features

  • 1 W to 12 W output power
  • Qi 1.1 and PMA wireless standard communication protocols
  • Integrated high efficiency synchronous rectifier
  • 800 kHz programmable step-down converter with input current and input voltage regulation loops
  • Step-down converter efficiency up to 90%
  • Simplified Li-Ion/Polymer charger function
  • 32-bit, 16 MHz embedded microcontroller with 16 kB ROM and 2 kB RAM memory
  • 2 kB NVM for customization
  • Integrated driver for external supply switch
  • Precise voltage and current measurements for received power calculation
  • I2C interface
  • Configurable GPIO output
  • Rx coil NTC protection
  • Thermal protection
  • Low power dissipative rectifier overvoltage clamp
  • Flip Chip 77 bumps (3.12x4.73 mm)

To aid with design the STEVAL-ISB036V1 development board is available, the board is a Qi 5 watt and PMA 7.5 watt wireless battery charger receiver evaluation board based on the STWLC03 wireless power receiver solution for the W PC/PMA mobile device with dual mode coil. The solution is certified in accordance with the Low Power Qi v1.1 and PMA SR1 standards.

The board layout is a cost-effective 4-layer PCB design and the device is powered by a dual mode RX coil attached to a 1.5 mm thick plastic fixture. The embedded STWLC firmware allows users to modify parameters and settings to ensure proper integration of the STWLC03 device with the final application.

Click here for more information or to buy from Anglia Live.

Click here to download the datasheet.

Anglia are offering a FREE sample and Evaluation board for STWLC03 wireless power receiver solution from STMicroelectronics, please fill in the form below to register interest now.



To register for a FREE sample and Evaluation board for STWLC03 wireless power receiver solution from STMicroelectronics, please fill in the form below

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FREE samples for UK and Ireland customers only, subject to availability.


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