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6 Watt DC-DC converter optimized for IGBT, SiC, and MOSFET gate drive applications from Murata

Murata has announced new additions to their MGJ6 series of isolated 6 Watt dual output DC-DC converters from Murata Power Solutions. Optimized to suit the bipolar voltages required for high-side and low-side IGBT, SiC, and MOSFET gate drive applications, the MGJ6 series is available now in SIP, DIP, and a low profile surface mount package format. The MGJ6 series comprises combinations of wide input voltages with nominals of 5, 12, or 24 VDC and +15 / -5, +15 / -10 or +20 / -5 VDC outputs. Suitable for low to medium power applications that require a DC link voltage up to 3 kVDC, the asymmetric outputs provide optimum drive levels to maintain a high system efficiency with low EMI levels. Also, with its very low coupling capacitance, typically 15pF EMI coupling through the converter is reduced.

The MGJ6 series has a characterized dV/dt immunity of 80 kV/us minimum at 1.6 kV, contributing to a high degree of reliability in fast switching drive systems. The series also has characterized partial discharge performance, crucial to achieving a long service life in high-performance applications.

Certificatied to safety standard UL60950 for reinforced insulation with medical 3rd edition safety standard ANSI/AAMI ES60601-1 for 2 MOOPs and 2 MOPPs pending. With a creepage and clearance of 8 mm, the MGJ6 will satisfy safety agency requirements for extra-high working voltages.

Short circuit and overload protection features are standard across the range and a frequency synchronization/enable input pin can simplify EMC filter design.

Key Features

  • No Opto feedback
  • Optimized bipolar output voltages for IGBT/SiC & MOSFET gate drives
  • Configurable dual outputs for all gate drive applications: +15V/-5V, +15V/-10V & +20V/-5V outputs
  • Reinforced insulation to UL60950 recognised
  • ANSI/AAMI ES60601-1 recognition pending
  • Characterized dv/dt immunity 80kV/μs at 1.6kV
  • Characterized partial discharge performance
  • 5.2kVDC isolation test voltage “Hi Pot Test”
  • Ultra-low coupling capacitance 15pF
  • DC link voltage 3kVDC
  • 5V, 12V & 24V input voltages
  • -40℃ to 105℃ operating temperature range


Click on the video below to hear how Murata’s MGJ6 DC-DC converters were used in electric motorcycles developed for the TT Zero event at the Isle of Man TT races.


Click here for more information or to buy from Anglia Live.

Anglia are offering customers a FREE sample of the MGJ6 series of 6 Watt DC-DC converters from Murata, please fill in the form below to register for your FREE sample now.




For a FREE sample of the MGJ6 series of 6 Watt DC-DC converters from Murata please fill in the form below.

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FREE samples for UK and Ireland customers only, subject to availability.


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