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Intersil introduces ISL3179E & ISL3159E High-Speed RS-485 Transceivers with unmatched temperature range performance and ESD protection

Intersil has introduced the ISL3179E and ISL3159E RS-485 high speed Interface product family which feature unrivalled temperature range performance and ESD protection.

The ISL3179E is a high ESD Protected, 3.3V powered, single transceiver and the ISL3159E is a ±15kV IEC61000 ESD protected, 5V powered, single transceiver, both devices meet the RS-485 and RS-422 standards for balanced communication.

The ISL3159E transceiver requires a 5V ±10% tolerance supply, and delivers at least a 2.1V differential output voltage over this supply range. This translates into better noise immunity (data integrity), longer reach, or the ability to drive up to six 120Ω terminations in "star" or other nonstandard bus topologies, at the exceptional 40Mbps data rate. SCSI applications benefit from the ISL3159's low receiver and transmitter part-to-part skews, which make it perfect for high speed parallel applications where large numbers of bits must be simultaneously captured. The low bit-to-bit skew eases the timing constraints on the data latching signal.


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