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Introducing the STWBC Digital Controller for Wireless Charging from STMicroelectronics

The STWBC from STMicroelectronics is a digital controller for wireless battery charger (WBC) transmitters (TX), offering the most complete, flexible and efficient solution for controlling power transfer to a receiver (RX) in WBC-enabled applications such as phones, wearables, and other portable and battery powered devices that use electromagnetic induction for recharging. As a member of the Qi Wireless Power Consortium and the PMA (Power Matters Alliance), STMicroelectronics ensures full compatibility with these leading wireless charging protocols and holds certification for the Qi 1.1.2 A11 standard.

The STWBC device performs all the functions for transmitter control, utilising an internal 96 MHz clock which supports both half-bridge and full bridge topologies, it is able to precisely control the amount of transmitted power to match the requirements of the receiving unit thus maximizing the efficiency of the power transfer.

The STWBC device is supported by a Qi 1.1.2 A11 certified evaluation board ( STEVAL-ISB027V1) together with a complete ecosystem of tools to support customers in building their applications. The support tools include API libraries and documentation to develop software customizations as well as a comprehensive graphical user interface to monitor real-time performance and diagnostics.


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