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Introducing Precision NTC Thermistors from TDK

Precise temperature measurement is becoming ever more critical, especially in industrial, lighting and microcontroller based applications where products are becoming more densely packaged. TDK EPCOS surface mount precision NTC thermistors have been designed as a reliable key components for accurate temperature measurement in these applications.

Today’s electronics modules and systems with high packing densities are often operated up to their thermal limits, accurate temperature measurement is indispensable in order to initiate countermeasures in good time to prevent overheating.

The new miniaturized SMD NTC precision thermistors from TDK EPCOS permit the highly precise temperature measurements required for this purpose. Together with intelligent control circuits, they enable the design of effective thermal control systems.

The SMD NTC thermistors products are available in case sizes 0402 (B57230) and 0603 (B57330) with resistance value 10 kΩ tolerance options of ±1%, ±3% and ±5%. Their narrow tolerances are achieved utilising a new production technology as well as a rugged glass passivation, which additionally ensures high reliability and degradation stability. The slope of the R/T curves and B values with a narrow tolerance of ±1% or ±3% gives a short response time meaning these new NTC thermistors allow accurate and fast temperature measurement across a wide range.

The standard series is suitable for temperatures up to +125 °C making the B57230 (0402) and B57330 (0603) series suitable for use in a wide range of consumer and industrial markets. Automotive versions are also available, B57232 (0402) and B57332 (0603), which are suitable for temperatures up to +150°C.


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