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Aavid's copper shived fin heat sinks are now available from Anglia

Aavid's high performance copper skived fin heat sinks feature Aavid's new locking Shurlock push pins which offer improved reliability for higher mass solutions compared to traditional metal or plastic pins.

Copper has the highest thermal conductivity of all of the commercial metals (nearly twice of aluminum) which can significantly improve spreading heat from small components for the best possible performance within your allowable space constraints.

These are manufactured by accurately peeling fins from a bar of solid copper to form a near finished part.The fins are an integral part of the base plate with no solder or other interface joint.This allows for optimal thermal performance within the parameters of the application.


  • High Fin Densities
  • No interface joint between Fins & Base
  • Lower Tooling Cost for Custom Designs
  • Improved Thermal Performance

Standard Copper Skived Heat Sinks are available at Aavid ranging from 20mm-100mm in Width and 5mm-50mm in Height. Aavid also offers Skived Fin Heat Sink in other sizes and with additional machining and attachment methods.
Tape & phase change: Laird-T-PCM-585


  • Brass material allows for easy insertion and locking in one or two steps
  • Easy removal from top and bottom of PCB through unlocking feature
  • Secure for over-sized aluminum & heavy copper heat sinks
  • Metal body increases resilience to high temperature pull out
  • Spring loaded pins support larger spring loads
  • A strong barb end will not wear like plastic pins

Click here for more information or to buy from Anglia Live.


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