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Aavid Thermalloy has the solution for high density power loads, enclosed or limited space, weight restrictions or limited airflow

Over the past decade Aavid Thermalloy has pioneered heat pipe technology and its application, developing a high quality manufacturing process to ensure long life and reliability in its heat pipes.

They can quickly move heat away from temperature sensitive devices to a place the heat can be dissipated. Heat pipes can also be used to increase fin efficiency by moving heat directly to the cooler top portion of fins. Many types of applications can benefit from heat pipes, from UPS to telecommunications to motor drives and controls to transportation to servers and computers.

As well as extending the thermal range of both natural and forced convection cooling, heat pipes reduce overall cost and weight without increasing the volume in a base plate and have no moving parts. Small diameter heat pipe assemblies provide greater thermal efficiency whilst large diameter heat pipe assemblies transfer greater power loads. Aavid has also developed the Hi-ContactTM heat pipe embedding process which improves thermal transfer.

Heat pipes have many advantages and applications in thermal management. The availability of a wide range of heat pipes sizes and power handling capabilities make them suitable for integration in heat sinks for 50W processors to multi kilowatt IGBTs. Heat pipes are great thermal energy transporters that use an evaporator and condenser in place of a solid conductor. While they don't dissipate heat themselves, heat pipes quickly move heat from one area of the heat pipe to another area especially when embedded in a base plate. Contact Anglia about Aavid's heat pipe Exploration or Discovery kit today so you can get a feel for how they work, what they do and try them in your own application.

Assemble, bend and rough together a prototype for your latest application then contact us for help with your design. Aaivid can fabricate pipes with tighter bends in their quick turn shop or go to production in their worldwide manufacturing facilities.

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