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AVX reduces the ESR of its F38 series miniature polymer tantalum capacitors

Now offering the smallest, highest CV, & lowest ESR polymer capacitors in the industry, the F38 Series is ideal for demanding microminiature hybrid circuits & a variety of commercial handheld & wearable electronics.

AVX has earned a third superlative for its F38 Series miniature, undertab, conductive polymer tantalum capacitors by significantly reducing the ESR of several ratings. The F38 Series, which already offered the smallest and highest CV polymer tantalum capacitors in the industry - 0603 capacitors with an ultralow profile of 0.9mm, and 6.3V/47µF ratings, now offers the lowest ESR small case size polymer capacitors available on the market as well.

Made of conductive polymer materials and featuring SMD facedown terminals, which help enable low ESL and higher capacitance values in small case sizes, F38 Series capacitors exhibit high conductivity, low ESR, low ESL, and high ripple current capabilities. The series also offers a more benign failure mode than traditional SMD electrolytic capacitors, and is ideal for use in demanding microminiature hybrid circuits and a variety of both handheld and wearable electronics, including: smartphones, tablets, portable games, wireless modules, fitness trackers, and smartwatches.

"High ESR can cause circuit malfunction and component damage. So, reducing the ESR of our F38 Series miniature, low profile polymer tantalum capacitors provides significant performance benefits above and beyond the small size and high CV they already offered, making them an attractive device for small handheld and wearable electronics," said Allen Mayar, product marketing manager, AVX.

F38 Series polymer tantalum capacitors are currently available in two miniature cases sizes, 0603 and 0805, with ultralow profiles of 0.9mm (0.80mm ±0.10mm) and 1.0mm, voltage ratings spanning 6.3V to 10V, and capacitance values spanning 2.2µF to 68µF with a ±20% tolerance at 120Hz. In addition, 0402 case size components are presently under development, as is a 0805 case rated for 4V and 100µF. Lead-free compatible and RoHS-compliant per the RoHS2 directive 2011/65/EU, F38 Series capacitors are rated at 85°C and designed for use in operating temperatures spanning -55°C to +105°C.

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