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Diodes Inc. SOD123F switching diodes offer Improved thermal performance for power electronics

Diodes Incorporated has announced the introduction of a new switching diode series housed in the compact SOD123F package. This state-of-the-art flat-lead package improves the thermal performance which minimizes device breakdown for portable products.

The initial releases of the series are:

Both are ideally suitable for a wide range of power applications that require superb system performance. Delivering superior performance, these devices are ideally suited for today's high-speed fully automated assembly processes.

The SOD123F package is fully green and RoHS compliant.

Superior Thermal Transfer Characteristics
The flat lead design of the SOD123F package (3.5mm x 1.8mm typical) improves the thermal performance of the adopting portable products.

Ultra-Low Leakage Current; Low Total Capacitance
BAV116HWF has an ultra-low leakage current (IR_MAX=5nA @ VR=75V) which extends battery life by reducing the power consumption of the diode during reverse-mode operation, and low total capacitance (CT_TYP=2pF).

High Reverse Breakdown Voltage; High Average Rectified Current
BAV21HWF has a high reverse breakdown voltage (VBR_MIN=250V), which is ideal for high voltage applications and a high average rectified output current (IO_MAX=200mA).

Very-Fast Reverse Recovery Time for High-Power Efficiency
The very-fast switching speed of BAV21HWF (trr_MAX=50ns) reduces switching loss and increases power efficiency. It is ideally suited for applications like SMPS (switched-mode power supplies), PFC (power factor correction) and other fast -switching applications.

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