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Fischer expands extruded heat sinks for PCB mounting

 The increasing density of functions and ports in electronic power semiconductors and their steadily increasing packing density on the PCB generate a certain amount of lost heat when they are operated. This heat needs to be carried away by suitable heat dissipation concepts and one effective method for dissipating the heat in a targeted manner has always been the attachment of the semiconductor in question to the heat sink.

To address this issue, Fischer Elektronik has expanded its already comprehensive product range with additional extruded heat sinks for PCB mounting.

The innovative heat sink models SK 609, SK 610 and SK 611 are particularly tailored for use with power transistors TO218, TO247, TO248, TO264 and SOT429 in their dimensions and in thermo technical terms.

Extruded threads that are directly integrated in the profile permit the component to be mounted by means of an M3 screw connection, as is also the case for fastening the heat sink to the PCB.

Also available for attaching the heat sink to the PCB are screw-in solder pins that will ensure direct soldering to the board when they are screwed into the threads.

The special design of the extruded profiles furthermore provides a superstructure across electronic components of various heights.

Additional mechanical treatments, custom designs and surface finishes can also be provided for your specific application.

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