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AVX extends its radial leaded TransGuard® Automotive Series with new VR20 Varistors

AVX has extended the voltage and energy ratings of its radial leaded TransGuard® Automotive Series with the addition of its new VR20 varistors, expanding both the number and type of applications for which the series is an ideal solution.

Based on AVX's patented multilayer varistor (MLV) technology, which provides bi-directional transient voltage protection in the on-state and EMI/RFI attenuation in the off-state, VR20 varistors combine circuit protection and EMI/RFI attenuation functions in a single, high-reliability device, allowing designers to both reduce component count and save critical board space.

Qualified to AEC-Q200, rated for -55°C to +125°C, and featuring a robust construction with conformal epoxy coating, VR20 TransGuard Automotive Series varistors are ideal for use in a variety of harsh automotive and industrial applications, including: inductive switching, DC motors, water and fuel pumps, and relays, amongst others.

"AVX's radial leaded TransGuard Automotive Series features the smallest varistors available on the market, offering compact height and thickness specifications superior to those of equivalent leaded disc varistors. With the addition of the new VR20 varistors, the series also provides design engineers with a broader range of voltage and energy rating options in radial leaded configurations, complementing our high temperature radial leaded TransGuard Series varistors by expanding both the number and type of applications the series ideal for." said Jiri Machanicek, product manager at AVX.

Exhibiting exceptional current and energy handling capabilities, AVX's VR20 TransGuard Automotive Series varistors are rated for 25kV ESD and are available in three working voltages (18V, 26V, and 48V), four clamping voltages (42V, 54V, 60V, and 100V), and three energy ratings (0.7J, 1.2J, and 1.6J). Lead-free and RoHS compliant, VR20 varistors feature Ni/Sn leads and can be shipped in bulk or packaged on tape and reel. Nickel-free leads are available upon request.

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