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AP1685 from Diodes Inc. provides a simple cost effective solution for 10W LED lamps

The AP1685 is a high Power Factor Corrector (PFC) off-line buck converter, capable of driving 10W Non-Isolated Non-Dimmable LED lamps.

The device uses Constant On Time (COT) technology to regulate accurate output current while achieving high PF and low THD. It works in the Boundary Conduction Mode (BCM) to achieve high efficiency and low EMI. Built-in 2A, 500V MOSFET in SO-7 package reduces BOM size and cost.

The AP1685 provides complete protection including: Under-voltage lock out, output-open protection, output-short protection and over-temperature protection. It is suitable to drive <10W LED Bulb, PAR, and BR lamps.

The AP1685 is a high performance AC/DC power factor corrector for mains dimmable LED driver applications. The device uses Pulse Frequency Modulation (PFM) technology to regulate output current while achieving high power factor and low THD. It operates as a BCM (Boundary Conduction Mode) which is good for EMI.

The AP1685 internally integrates a 500V high voltage MOSFET which can realize a lower BOM cost. The AP1685 provides accurate constant current (CC) regulation while removing the opto-coupler and secondary control circuitry. It also eliminates the need of loop compensation circuitry while maintaining stability. It can meet the requirement of IEC6100-3-2 harmonic standard.

The AP1685 provides a simple cost effective solution for general illumination LED lamps.

  • Unique Constant On Time (COT) Control Accurate output current while achieving high power factor
  • Supports both Buck and Floating-Buck topology
  • Flexible solution using single winding or Auxiliary winding dependent on application
  • Boundary Conduction Mode (BCM) Operation Achieves higher convert efficiency and reduced EMI issues with fewer components
  • Built-in 2A, 500V MOSFET in SO-7 package Supports <10W LED lamps with Low BOM cost and small PCB size
  • Complete Protection design A robust system

The AP1685 features low start-up current, low operation current. It adopts valley on switching mode to achieve high efficiency. It also has rich protection features including over voltage, short circuit, over temperature protection. The AP1685 is available in SO-7 package.

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