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TDK introduces three new series of compact screw terminal EPCOS aluminum electrolytic capacitors

TDK Corporation has introduced three new series of EPCOS aluminum electrolytic capacitors with screw terminals. They are characterized by their high ripple current capability and simultaneously highly compact dimensions. The capacitors of the new B43703* series are designed for rated voltages from 350 V DC to 450 V DC and cover a capacitance range from 1500 µF to 22 000 µF. They are up to 20 percent smaller than those of the predecessor series at the same ripple current capability. The new types have diameters of 51.6 mm to 90.0 mm; their heights range from 80.7 mm to 197.0 mm.

The new B43704* series offers not only a ripple current capability up to 25 percent higher than for the predecessor series, but also smaller dimensions. Their diameters are also between 51.6 mm and 90.0 mm with heights of between 80.7 mm and 221.0 mm. These capacitors are designed for rated voltages from 350 V DC to 550 V DC. Their capacitance extends from 820 µF to 22 000 µF.

In the new B43705* series, the ripple current capability was increased by up to 40 percent compared with the predecessor series, while maintaining the same compact dimensions. These capacitors have diameters ranging from 51.6 mm to 90.0 mm and insertion heights from 80.7 mm to 221.0 mm. They are designed for rated voltages from 350 V DC to 450 V DC and their capacitance range extends from 1000 µF to 18 000 µF.

All three new EPCOS series are designed for a maximum operating temperature of 85°C and attain a useful life of 12 000 hours. The series are also offered in B43723*, B43724* and B43725* versions. These types additionally have a threaded stud on the base of the can for mounting the capacitors.

The main applications of the new EPCOS aluminum electrolytic capacitors are converters in industrial electronics.

Main applications

  • Converters for use in industrial electronics


Main features and benefits

  • Significantly higher ripple current capability and more compact dimensions compared with the predecessor series
  • Useful life of 12 000 hours at a maximum temperature of 85°C


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