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KOA offers ceramic composition surge / pulse resistors

KOA’s HPC and PCF series consists of a solid ceramic composition resistive element which is ideal to protect circuits against surges and to absorb high energy pulses.

The special non-inductive inner construction allows pulse voltages up to 25kV and is perfect for use in high voltage circuits, RC snubber circuits and inrush limiters.

In most cases, there can be an advantage to replace several carbon composition resistors by one ceramic resistor.

Compared to the PCF series, the HPC series has a smaller diameter, a longer body, a red/brown coating colour and is tested according to AEC-Q200 requirements.

The compact and thicker PCF version uses a light green flame retardant coating (equivalent to UL94 V-0).

Both series meet EU-RoHS requirements.

Product Features & Benefits
· Full ceramic body for HV and surge current
· Meets high energy density demands
· Robust against long time pulses (msec range)
· High reliability to disconnection
· Non-inductive
· Pulse voltages up to 25kV
· Power ratings up to 5W
· Wide temperature range up to +200°C
· ±10% tolerance is standard
· Tested acc. to AEC-Q200 requirements (HPC)
· Flame retardant coating for PCF (equiv. to UL94 V-0)

Application examples
· High voltage circuits
· RC snubber circuits
· Inrush current limiting
· Medical HV products
· X-Ray generators, lasers
· Electron microscopes
· Motor drives
· Dummy loads
· RF Amplifiers
· Pulse Modulators
· Power supply circuits for machine tools
· Noise suppressor of vehicle ignition system

KOA also offers this ceramic resistor construction with special caps. Their CPCN / SPCN / PCN series are available in various termination styles without leads. e.g. with silver inner electrode and Ni or Sn plated iron end caps.

KOA recommend a connection to the circuit by a spring or a metal holder.

These series are typically used as excellent noise/spark attenuator in engine ignition circuit systems.

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