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Hirose's DF59 series provides a multifunctional LED connection system

The DF59 series from Hirose is primarily dedicated for the LED lighting market but will also suit other applications where small connectors are required.

The multifunctional connector is designed for wire-to-board power supply connections and board-to-board ‘bridge’ connections. In addition a shortening plug version is available. Only one type of receptacle is needed, irrespective of whether the cable plug or board mount plug is used, allowing a reduction in the number of components.

DF59 has a pitch of 2.0mm or 4.0mm, dependent on the application and the related requirement such as higher clearance and creepage distances for power supply applications. The connection system can be applied with 3A by using the defined cable gauge with AWG 22 (Ø 1.26mm / UL1061). The voltage is specified with 100V or 230V dependent on the pin size used.

The low mated height of 2.5mm and overall small size of 8 x 9 mm (3 pos wire-to-board) is intentionally targeted for bright lighting where many narrowly mounted LED’s are used. The compact size of the connector prevents formation of shades and the natural white colour of the moulding material makes DF59 more invisible.

The wire-to-board connector utilises the Hirose ‘swing’ lock which is a user friendly, innovative locking mechanism allowing an increased cable retention force. The cable end of the plug is mated at a slight angle to engage with the special cavities in the receptacle, the other end of the plug is pushed down to complete the mating operation and confirmed by an audible tactile click. The board-to-board ‘bridge’ connector is ganged by a “friction lock” system. This has a floating structure to allow a tolerance of +/-0.5mm in all 3 triaxial directions, allowing greater flexibility during the installation process.

Key Features
•  2, 3 & 4 contact positions
•  3A (max) current rating
•  2.0mm/4.0mm pitch
•  22 AWG crimp size
•  30 (max) mating cycles

Suitable applications are LED lighting, battery connections, small DC motor drives, power supplies and other small devices.


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