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Cree introduces next-generation colour LEDs

Cree has announced commercial availability of XLamp® XB-D colour LEDs and XLamp XM-L multi-colour LEDs. The high-performance colour LEDs provide lighting manufacturers with discrete and multi-colour LED options to more cost-effectively address a wider spectrum of applications such as architectural, vehicle and display lighting.

Cree XLamp XB-D colour LEDs extend the double lumens-per-dollar performance of the XB package to colour LEDs, delivering up to 40 percent higher maximum light output than XP-E colour LEDs. The combination of performance and the small size of XB-D colour LEDs enable better colour mixing and lower system cost through fewer LEDs. Now available in colour as well as existing white colour temperatures ranging from 2700 K to 6200 K, customers can support a full range of colour in the single XB footprint.


Cree XLamp XM-L colour LEDs are the brightest and smallest multi-coloured LED of their power class, delivering red, green, royal blue and white in one LED at twice the lumens-per-dollar of the MC-E colour LED. The XM-L colour LED is 60 percent smaller than the MC-E LED, reducing the distance between LED die, to create a small optical source for excellent optical control, efficient colour mixing and simplified design.

“We are excited that Cree is offering a higher performance multi-colour LED,” said Michael Johnson, vice president of engineering, The Black Tank. “The smaller and brighter XM-L colour LED allows us to improve system performance and lower system cost.”

XLamp XB-D colour LEDs deliver up to 1416 mW for royal blue, 92 lumens for blue, 198 lumens for green, 210 lumens for red and 261 lumens for red-orange, all at 1A in the 2.45 mm x 2.45 mm footprint.

XLamp XM-L colour LEDs deliver up to 89 lumens for royal blue, 214 lumens for green, 229 lumens for red and 272 lumens for white at 1A in the 5 mm x 5 mm footprint.

Cree XLamp XB-D and XM-L colour LED samples are available now, and production quantities are available with standard lead times. To learn more, please visit


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