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Avago introduces TheiaLED series of white surface-mount LEDs for lighting applications

Avago Technologies' advanced TheiaLED series of white surface-mount LEDs for lighting applications combines enhancements such as greater efficacy, as well as increased thermal efficiency, allowing higher drive currents, resulting in greater lumen output compared to previous generation LEDs.

Offered in a PLCC4 footprint of 3.2mm x 3.5mm, and with a low profile of 1.1mm, the devices feature the latest InGaN chip technology and are suitable for environments where small size and close spacing of emitters are required.

TheiaLED are available in warm-white and cool-white colour temperature ranges, spanning 2700K to 3500K and 4000K to 8000K respectively, and offer a choice of 0.25W or 0.5W power ratings. The range provides a choice of devices with a typical colour-rendering index of 75 or 85.

Individual emitters are binned according to ANSI C78.377A standard color bins and available in correlated color temperatures (CCT) from 2700K to 8000K CCT, and each grouping is supported with four sub-bins enabling lighting designers to ensure consistent and homogeneous illumination throughout each fixture.

TheiaLEDs also provide the benefit of a wide viewing angle of up to 120°, and the package features enhanced silicone encapsulation contributing to high reliability and durability.

• Rated drive current:
• 100mA (0.25W LEDs) DC Max Forward Current
• 180mA (0.5W LEDs) DC Max Forward Current
• 3.2V typical forward voltage
• Choice of thermal resistance value: 20 K/W and 40K/W (for 0.5W devices only)
• Single Colour Temperature (CCT) per part number
• Direct drop-in replacement for alternative devices

• Retail-display lighting
• Channel lettering
• Cabinet lighting
• Decorative Strip Applications
• Linear Lighting
• Backlighting Applications
• Down Lights
• Channel lettering
• Fluorescent Replacement


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