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AVX designs insulation displacement connectors with broadest range of contact options available

ISL70002SEHVF Provides Design Flexibility, Single Event Immunity, Plus High and Low Dose Rate Immunity for Aerospace and Harsh Environment Applications

AVX has developed a comprehensive family of insulation displacement connectors (IDC) that support wire gauges ranging from 14AWG to 28AWG. The proven insulation displacement connector contact system delivers a true "gas tight" connection for both stranded and solid discrete wires. The single contact IDC provides a slim profile and is a lower cost option for connecting small 26-28AWG gauge wires versus larger 2-piece connectors.

The IDC technology's superior reliability and solder-free simple wire-to-PCB connection scheme allows for consistency and repeatability within the wire termination process. The IDC features a high reliability phosphor bronze contact system, and delivers the broadest range of connection options available on the market.

"This superior insulation displacement connector builds upon a proven design that has more than three decades of operation in the field," said Tom Anderson, product manager at AVX. "The simple wire termination process also allows users to repair and replace solid and stranded wires."

The IDC's optional caps offer simplified assembly and added strain relief for high vibration applications. The enhanced reliability and wire acceptance features enable the IDC to meet design requirements in a broader range of applications, particularly where finer wire gauges and leaded components are being used, such as sensors, battery packs, speakers, LEDs and switches.

A unique feature of the rugged, automotive-performance tested insulation displacement connectors is the acceptance of solid wires. Insulation displacement connectors from AVX can handle up to 6A, and maintain two redundant gas tight wire termination contacts, which allow for simple wire termination. The IDC has an operating temperature of -40°C to +125°C temperature range.

The IDC technology is also well-suited for sensors (industrial, automotive, gas, pressure, thermostats, probes, motion, retail and security); portable electronics (data collection, data loggers, warehouse terminals and scanners); smart meters; building electronics (fire/smoke detectors, security cameras, dimming controls, and shades); lighting (cabinets, flashlights and domes); medical (portable, patient monitoring and analysis); electronic devices (power converters, circuit breakers, filters, flashers and chargers).

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