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Bergquist extends phase-change thermal materials range with high temperature, high conductivity Hi Flow 650P variant

The Bergquist Company has extended its range of phase-change thermal management materials by introducing Hi-Flow® 650P, specified for continuous use up to 150°C and featuring high thermal conductivity, electrical isolation, polyimide reinforcement, and natural tack to aid assembly.

Hi-Flow 650P is a new member of Bergquist's versatile Hi-Flow family, which presents a selection of isolating and non-isolating materials as a clean and easier handling alternative to thermal grease at the interfaces between components and heatsinks. Hi-Flow materials are solid at room temperature but change phase at higher temperatures to wet-out the interface fully without overflowing. Hi-Flow 650P changes phase at 52°C.

With its 150°C temperature rating, Hi-Flow 650P is suited to use in automotive assemblies such as electronic control units (ECUs) in under-the-hood locations, as well as other types of equipment operating in harsh conditions. With high thermal conductivity of 1.5W/m-K, this new formula assures efficient removal of heat energy from the sensitive semiconductor device into the attached heatsink. The polyimide reinforcing film provides high resistance to cut through and has high dielectric strength.

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