Computers & Embedded Computing

From LCD displays through to embedded computing and wireless technologies, Anglia are able to advise, guide and support designers in establishing the best solution for their application. We offer everything from a connector to a complete LCD assembly with computing platform, with offerings including economical consumer products and ruggedized products for industrial applications we have a strong mix of suppliers that includes many of the industry's leading brands.

In this dedicated section of the website we focus on the core products for the Computers & Embedded Computing market including resources from some of Anglia's world leading partners. Whether you are looking to enhance your existing product designs with additional functionality and efficiency, or design entirely new products, Anglia can provide products and support.

You can find more information about the range of specialist suppliers of components for the Computers & Embedded Computing industry and their respective product offerings in the Suppliers Overview tab above.

The New Products & Samples tab features the latest products to market that are transforming the Computers & Embedded Computing industry landscape with in depth technical articles all supported with FREE samples and/or evaluation kits to enable you to integrate the latest technologies into your existing products, or facilitate innovative new designs. If you can't find what you are looking for in the New Products and Samples section, try 'Ezysample', Anglia’s unique FREE sample service.

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