Final Steps

Once the design decisions have been made, Table 8 (below) details the final steps to build and evaluate a prototype luminaire.



Board layout

Complete the circuit board layout.

Choose board material (FR4 vs. MCPCB) based on thermal and cost constraints.

Keep in mind how the layout and positioning of parts will affect the light output and thermal flow of the luminaire.

Build a prototype

Building one prototype (or several) is a valuable way to validate the design.

Verify that the optical, thermal and electrical systems perform as they should.

Test how easy the unit is to assemble.

Test prototype against design goals

Test the prototype to make sure it achieves all the design goals.

Testing can be done either internally or externally by a contracted luminaire-measuring company.

Finalise design & BOM

Make final changes to the design (if any) based on the new information learned from analysing the prototype.

Document the final design and bill of materials.

Draw conclusions

How could the existing design be improved if a different design choice was made?

Are all of the original design goals still applicable, or are some less important than they seemed initially?

Are there other applications that would benefit from LED light?

Table 8 - Final Steps in LED Luminaire Design

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